Friday, August 29, 2008

just some mumbo jumbo

The Five:
Ten Years ago I:
1. was 12 and thought i was cool
2. got baptized
3. played softball
4.wore the same size clothes and shoes i wear now
5. didnt have any in laws or nieces or nephews

5 things on todays "to do list"
1. make a cake
2. do hailees hair
3 clean my room
4. i was going to clean my car
5. find some good dinner

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. ice cream
2. kudos haha
3. candy
4. fries
5. chips

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1 pay off all debt
2. give my parents money
3. buy a car
4. fly my nieces out to see me
5. save

5 places I have lived

1.valencia, ca
2. palmdale, ca
3. lancaster, ca
4. provo, ut
5. hawaii in the future haha

5 jobs I have had
1. cold stone shift leader/cake master
2. beauty advisor at beauty express
3. assistant manager at beauty express
4. quality supervisor at human voice
5. floater at sears

there you go shawna haha...and seeing as youve answered it and i would tag bryce but we'll see if that happens haha.

but anyway heres a little update...YAY for fish and fish names I went to bryces parents house the other night and I was hanging out with Seth and I showed him a picture of my fish and asked him to help me name the white one. so first he said "water, yeah cuz they live in water" and then he changed it to "whitey" i wasn't too keen on that one haha he finally settled on a name "optimus prime (o.p.) maximus water" (were calling him O.P. for short haha) so I now have O.P. and Ashtin Water. sad when the excitement in your life comes from naming your fish haha.

I start school full time next week let me show you my schedule...
mon: school 9-4:30, work 5-9
tues: work 9:30-1, school 1:30-10
weds: work 9:30-1, school 1:30-10
thurs: work 9:30-1, school 1:30-10
fri: school 9-4:30, work 5-10
sat: school 9-4:30, work 5-10

plus i work one sunday a month...doesnt that just look splendid haha. but I should be done with school November 22 give or take a few days!! that is super excited! and that means i get to spend the holidays at home with my family (last time before i get married hopefully ;) haha) but itll be so nice!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

20 questions

I asked for it are the questions Shawna has selected and told me to answer in complete sentences haha I hope you enjoy them

1. What color is your hair?

If you really want to get technical...i'm a natural level 7 with my canvas an 8 basically im a light blonde...but actually a strawberry im just a whole mess of colors and bleach

2. Would you eat the moon if it were made of cheese?

cheese probably not...bbq spare ribs yes haha

3. Would you eat the sun if it tasted like nacho cheese?

i might if i was craving nachos

4. what's your idea of a dream vacation?

Just one where I get to be with my family and relax...but I love going to New York and also Hawaii

5. Growing up what did you imagine your husband to look like?

He looked like JTT when I was little and Leonardo Dicaprio then Nick Lachey but actually they didn't just look like those people, I imagined they were those people haha

6. Who was your first kiss?

Philip Altieri

7. Who was your biggest crush growing up?

That was a weekly change, but the above imaginary husbands were probably them haha

8. Why does milk and honey lotion smell like coconut on my skin?

I think I should smell shawnas skin when she has milk and honey lotion on, mine doesnt smell like coconuts...

9. When was the last time you had the flu?

I think it was in February right before bryce left, but basically anytime its flu season you can schedule me in for it...dumb

10. What do you like more: Disneyland or New York?

This is a hard question...Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but New York is like my dream haha

11. What friend have you had the longest?

Shawna Lynn Orlando

12. Who do you like more, Jacob or Edward?

I like both for completely different reasons. Edward is the dreamboy thats who you want to marry and who you want you friends and kids to marry, Jacob is the best friend that I completely understand

13. What is the one thing you wish you could do?

I wish I could be done with school haha but I also wish I wcould fly that would be sweet

14. What is something you always wanted to do as a child?

I always wants to be an actress

15. What's the number one place you would like to visit in the world?

I really want to go to Europe, Do like the whole Great Britain thing, and Paris, and I want to go to Ireland

16. Do you like to watch sports? which?

Yeah, Shawnas been watching the olympics haha...I love sports, but I like watching USC football (mostly USC vs UCLA haha) and I love baseball!!

17. What does KPL stand for?

HAHAHA i forgot all about this...KPL sounds like a tv network or a radio station but dont be means Kasey pees loud haha

18. What's your favorite breakfast food?

Man oh man I love breakfast!! I like french toast and chocolate chip pancakes

19. Whats's one thing you can eat every day?

Ice cream!! without a doubt!

20. What is your favorite holiday? why?

I know it is cliche but Christmas. My family has a lot of traditions for Christmas and theyre wierd things only my family does. No matter how old we get its the same every year. and Yeah we have traditions for like birthdays and stuff, but christmas is the biggest and the one that we get to do these traditions with my nieces and nephews now

How was that? is that moer entertaining for everyone? let me know if theres a question you want answered and I will answer it...its like dear abby just dear kasey now haha.

so there are still no fish in my house lame. And shawna reminded me of the other name I liked...there are those kodak commercials where the tennis player (i dont know her name) is taking pictures of her dog dolce...dolce gabana, dooney & bourke see where I was remindded?...but anyway I dont know if that name will stick, this is a big deal its like naming your children.

Monday, August 11, 2008

school and fishies

im wondering why i dont ever clean my room? haha

so this is kind of exciting, and it hasnt happened yet (well part of it has ii guess) so today I officially have 1495 hours at school! that means tomorrow i have 1500! thats a big step. only 500 hours to go and everyone tells me the last 500 hours go by fast cause there a lot of paperwork and testing that you have to do. 2008 will definitly end with a bang! i started school almost 2 years ago...okay 23 months ago haha. but it feels like high school, like the length of it, not necessarily the drama. i am so ready to move on.

I decided I want some fish haha I havent gotten them yet tho. I think I'm gonna get two so they can be boyfriend and girlfriend ;-) *wink* theyll actually be more like husband and wife since theyre living together haha. I already know I'm naming the girl fish Ashtin (I know its a boy name...but what do you think kasey is? im allowed to do that to a fish since Bryce wont let me name a daughter that) but what about her husband? I had an idea the other day but of course I can't remember, I just remembered that I really liked it haha. any ideas? and they need a last name (i have too much brain time on my hands haha)

I really feel like baking but I'm way too tired too...lame-o maybe tomorrow.

I think someone should send me one of those dumb questionares and tell me I have to do it so I stop babbling about dumb stuff!! shawna help me out

ooo speaking of shawna!! i get to see her in about a month YAY! sa tho that I wont see her again for like 18 months :( who wants to take a vacation to Peru with me?? por favor? she told me today what days she thinks shes coming (and kk so you know I told her you two could stay here...but itll cost know what im asking for haha) oh man September is going to be exciting! one of our friends growing up is getting married and sadly i decided not to go id rather finish school. the shawna is coming to see me and shes going on a mission!! and aj is getting home!!!!! it d0esnt even seem like hes been gone very long, but I know to courtney and jacob its been a lifetime. and that means my fam will come up to see him YAY!!

someone needs to give me something to write about...thanks!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

in n out post its

once again it's almost midnight and I am blogginf instead of cleaning my room...or finishing the last 50 pages of "breaking dawn" but knowing me ill stay up even later to finish it even though I'm falling asleep while typing this and listening to Jack Johson. I don't think I should listen to something so calm when I'm trying to stay awake. I have been exhausted lately, i dont know why i stay up haha. I did get to do my grocery shopping 10:30 at bueno.

Sorry I dont have much to write about I probably bore you as much as I am bored. I could tell you about my client yesterday! I got to chop like 8 inches of hair off!!! that feels so good haha. and I could tell you about my client tonight...oh wait she didnt show up...lame-o. Andrea moved out and now I am in my 3 bedroom apartment all by myself...its like having a house all to myself. With half the appliances and dishes and no tv so no reason to sit in the living room when I get sit in my room (which I can do with room mates). I did finally get my car back and I have to take it back in, theyre retards and Im frustrated with them, it was so much easier when mom and dad took care of all that and took the car in and all that jazz (I should watch chicago)

Speaking of chicage haha I am in the mood to watch the most random movies...Teenage mutant ninja turtles, back to the future, edward scissorhands, romeo and juliet, little miss sunshine and more. I should call in sick and watch movies on the computer in bed all day haha I wish!

ooo I dont know if I said this before but Randi found out what shes having...a girl!!! number 4 haha poor kids want a boy but no such luck. I asked her to name the baby Brooklyn or Brooke lynn...kind of wierd story so i wont embarass myself haha. But she said no to that BUT we thnk they decided on Peyton know like Peyton Sawyer on One tree hill! yup thats right. In that case I should have a whole cast of characters in my family...merdith, mcdreamy, lucas, nathan, brooke, mcsteamy, rachel, ross...i could just mix them up like that haha!! Im lame this is what happens when you dont have much to do while sitting after doing what you need to do (did that make sense) and you also get in n out post its posted all over the desk with pointless reminders, like the fact that wicked will be in salt lake city in april...but wait Ill be moving to Hawaii in January...pointless haha.

My brain is a complete mess right now I hope you can understand everything and understand it means nothing...OH except!!! I emailed the owner of my school the other day to get information on working in the Hawaii school and the Hawaii school emailed me back and basically told me when I move out there I can have a job! that will be so nice...but yeah other than that nothing too much is going on that is exciting haha