Wednesday, December 9, 2009

north shore waves

We've ben in the middle of a storm this week, Bryce and I went to sunset last night and I tried to get pictures of the waves to show how crazy it was...almost half the beach was gone! theyve closed almost all beaches and wont let people swim and a few nights ago there were a few helicopters out patrolling making sure no one was swimming.

Waimea bay, where most tourists go is usually pretty smooth. I'm sure you've all seen pictures of it. it's where everyone goes to jump off the rock...ANYWAY every few years when Hawaii has a big storm like they are now there is a surf competition...the eddie aikau...its a surf competition that only happens when waves in waimea bay are 40-6o feet!! so...check out this link look at those waves! we wanted to go see the waves there last night but the traffic was so bad...

Friday, December 4, 2009

oh christmas tree!!

We picked out our first Christmas tree the other night.

We picked it out...

Bryce put up the lights, we put up the ornaments

We conquered that Christmas tree

And then Bryce kissed me :)

theres no place like home

I've told my mom since August that I'd post pictures of our house, so here they December

This is the outside of our house. there's another house connected on the side. The porch goes all the way across...we love it

the living room

The kitchen

The dining room portion of the kitchen

We have a bedroom...with a bed

AND we have a toilet!! there's a shower in there too


We carved our first child...aka pumpkin. We had our friends m and a over and we carved pumpkins. bryce wanted a scary one I wanted a cute girl one...we both got what we wanted :)

I gave her some girl eyelases and a bow so she wasn't as scary


For the days after our wedding, we stayed in California and we hung out with our families and friends. Sunday we drove to Valencia and hung out with the White's and then Monday we went to Disneyland with the Huggans'. Tuesday we went to Chino and got me some new eye glasses, and hung out with benj and robynne. Wednesday we sold my car went to in n out and flew back to hawaii

I was so excited to be going to Disneyland again, I dont think bryce was as excited

I guess my family goes to Disneyland too much, I knew where all the cameras were, so I'm making the funny face and Bryce is smart and made a face

I love caramel apples, and this was my disneyland present from bryce. mmm it was so good, i want another one right now!

we got married

So it's been like two months...BUT we got married!! we are now Bryce and Kasey Huggans...that's hard to get use to.

so here we are. coming out of the temple as mr and mrs...forever!!

My boys! My dad, husband and brother! I love these guys. my dad and spencer did so much for us that week. and since bryce hurt his foot earlier this year and it still isnt back to perfect, my brother carried me across the muddy grass becuase he didn't want my dress to get dirty

tres homies plus mama kari. Shawna is on her mission in Peru so the Orlando's have this cutout of her face so that she can 'be at' all the big events. and it was her birthday...

My family!! I know not all of it, but AJ and courtney came the next day for the reception and Randi couldn't make it, but it was still fabulous

On thursday we went our seperate ways for the evening. I hung out with the girls (aunts, grandma, moms and robynne) we had dinner at BJ's and a surprise bachelorette (sp?) party. and Bryce and the boys also went to BJ's about an hour and a half after us and they had their boy night. We stayed in the temple apartments and Friday morning woke up and got ready. Bryce's friend Nicole did my hair and make up amazingly. we went to the temple, we were married and we exited. we took pictures and then drove to long beach for our 'luncheon' we didnt get there until probably 5:30.
Saturday we went to the church building, had a quick ring ceremony, and then hung out for our reception. A lot of people came, but we found out that about half of our invitations didn't make it to people. I promise, we sent out about 300 invitations two months before the wedding and it sounds like only half the people got them. im sorry if you didnt get yours!

There were no real disasters that weekend so all went well! it was amazing and i love bryce more everyday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

dibbeyland dibbeyland ba ba ba

Yesterday we went to disneyland (we= mom, spencer and myslef, pops met us for dinner then joined us at dland after). it was a blast from the past hehe

California Screamin'
spencer, mom, and dad at espn zone for lunch and the phillies rockies game

me, mom, and spencer

my haha. i said "dad stand between the a and the l and we'll get an al picture" (now put your right hand straight up in the air and your left arm at a 90 degree angle making an l, thats what my dad did...all. i love this dude)

2/3 of the white fam bam!

so needless to say we have tons and oodles of fun at dibbeyland and we are finishing up wedding stuff after the much needed break!

Friday, October 9, 2009

sleepless in seattle

I'm in seattle for a few hours...waiting to go to los angeles!! yay!

every gift shop here has things that say 'sleepless in seattle' the movi wasn't that popular was it?

I saw a doctor in scrubs waiting at a gate...maybe for some body parts? there weren't any cameras...not for greys

my flight from honolulu to here was successful (as I'm sure you're guessing) I of course sat next to the over sized grouch lady. and behind the cutest baby, his mom, and 'airplane grandparents' as they came to be known. a way cute couple more than willing to help the mom, traveling by herself, with anything to make her flight easier. and the baby was so so super good. I hope when I have kids they have airplane grandparents, and that there are just more good people like that in the world. unlike my grouchy neighbor...

we'll see if this flight brings any a-words (im ok I didn't say the real word...phew)

oh and I tried taking a picture of the seattle clouds from the airport...they were SO pretty, fluffy and colorful! these are definitly professional clouds

and wendys...not as good as I remember it being on wednesday 'ditch days' I'm glad they kicked us out for ruining their salt shakers I shouldve boycotted everything but frostys a long time ago

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2 fun pictures

today was good
i am now officially a resident of the state of hawaii
and i have the cutest nephew in the world!! im so excited he's Buzz Lightyear for Halloween, he lights up my life! oh man i really love this kid
these pics were on my phone so they are smaller than normal pictures haha

Sunday, October 4, 2009

tonight i made underwear!

tonight i made yummy dessert for me and bryce. i used a recipe that bryces mom gave me i dont know where its from but i think its german or something...? but this is damen capritzin which translated means ladies underwear. i had to put it back in the oven after this picture but its pretty. its basically a cookie with some jam and some meringue. i am so proud of myself and bryce loves me more!!!

i have been is scandonavian (sp?) (thats what bryce thinks it is atleast.) and it is now 3/4 gone mmm

Saturday, October 3, 2009

friday night rambles

i haven't posted anything fun or exciting i decided to post something (it probably wont be too fun OR exciting, but it's something)

Hawaii is spectacular. The sun has been my friend lately and the nights have been cool enough for me to wrap up in my minnie mouse blanket. it's even cool enough to snuggle with bryce (minus the minnie mouse blanket, he just doesn't like her) and I really like snuggling with bryce...he makes me smile!

fiance's leg has been healing up nicely, after the explosion. He can walk on it now without crutches or a boot, but he needs a lot of foot massages, i love him enough to do that...i barely even touch my own feet

work has been crazy, im super excited for a vacation...6 days and i will be on my way off the island, onto the huge island of the mainland. and i will be marrying my cute boy in 13 days...we're almost out of the double digits. and to think, everyone thought having a year long engagement would be too feels like he proposed last night and i went to bed and woke up to today. it went fast! im so glad im going to have this happiness for all of eternity, it can go as fast or as slow as it wants to go, as long as i am mrs kasey huggans forever!!

i really need to go to bed, it has been a long week and i need my sleep for tomorrow and the long week ahead of me

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

it's official!

There's no turning back now! ...not like i want to anyway!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here are some updates!

We have just over three months until we get married and we're finally just now realizing it! we need to get on top of things pronto!

And for those of you on facebook I'm sure you saw stuff about Bryce being in the hospital or ER but have no fear, he is out and doing fairly well...heres the story

On Wednesday night we were all hanging out in his backyard, and his uncle has built a mini half pipe in the back yard for many to enjoy. So, we were all hanging out and Bryce was skating. He went to do a trick and fell, and started yelling that there was something wrong with his ankle. Our friend Matt and Aunt Kelly ran over and were both like 'yeah I don't think that's supposed to be like that'. he had a huge lump coming out of his ankle and his foot was in a really wierd position. We made some calls and Uncle Drew and Jay got him in the back of the truck, I climbed in and Drew took us up to the ER in Kahuku.

We got to the Kahuku ER at about 8:30PM and the nurse was trying to give him some pain meds and was REALLY bad at getting the needle in (she was a jerk). they got some meds in him and took him in for an x-ray. This whole time we just thought it was going to be dislocated, they'd pop it back inand we'd beon our way. But boy, were we wrong. They got the x-rays back and the nurse came over and said he was going to need surgery. I got to go look at the x-rays and he broke his leg, but at the very end of it, basically his ankle. He broke both big bones completely and the parts broken off werent even close to being in the right position. SO Kahuku calls Kaiser ans Kaiser sent an ambulance to pick him up. at 11:30 AMR gets to Kahuku and puts him in the ambulnace and takes him to Kaiser in Moanalua, and hour away.

Once in the Kaiser ER they had him on major pain meds and they took more x-rays. The Dr decided it would be better for bryce if they popped his foot back to where it should be, they drugged him up put it back and he felt a lot better. at 4AM they moved him upstairs to a different room, where he slept those last 2 hours.

the surgeon came inat 6 explained the surgery and said he'd be in surgery at 2. They had to put screws and a titanium plate in his leg. and it would take 6-8 months to fully heal.

tthey got him into surgery and 3.5 hours later he was out and doing loads better. On friday he was released and we went home. He didn't sleep well Friday night but he seems to have slept well last night, he's still sleeping! (it's 10) He goes in on Monday for a fiberglass cast and he will be in that and on crutches for atleast 3 months and then in a walking boot for a few more.
(Yes our wedding is in 3.5 months)

We did have one lucky break though. Bryce does a lot of hard labor for work and we had no idea what we were going to do for the next few months with Bryce out of commission...BUT the company that he works for had jjust decided that week to hire someone to work in the office and do data entry, so his uncle told him the job is his! count your blessings right?

ANYWAY that is what is happening! and I'm glad he's doing better and everything is going to work out!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

dorky much?

so from standing at work all the time now my knees and calves have started hurting. and i decided its due to my support what so ever. and I swore up and down that i would never ever own a pair of crocs, but my sister in law swears by them and now im kind of tempted...especially these ones

I've seen them in person and they look nothing like crocs, and i wore them for about 30 seconds and they seem to be pretty comfy...but i dont know if i can bring myself to spend 5o bucks on shoes now a days. i just may have to break down though i think theyre way cute and i just wont tell anyone theyre crocs, and if they are amazing like courtney says i will be faithful to the crocs.

Monday, June 1, 2009


So this is a very exciting post haha

So last week, on May 23 I get a call at work from my bryce and he asked me what the chances were that I would be able to get off work next friday. I tell him the odds are good and then he asks me to get off early on the wednesday prob bob. I ask him why and he told me he couldn't tell because it was a surprise. SURPRISE? i love surpriises now haha.

So I have my days off and Wednesday comes around and I leave work at 4 instead of 6 and I meet Bryce at work and we head to Waikiki and start walking arounf the international marketplace and Bryce was acting a little peculiar but I ignored it...then I get a text and after a minute I found my surprise...

YAY!! my parents came to see me!! they had been planning it with bryce for a while I guess. Aren't my parents and fiance amazing!!! I love them mucho (more pictures from the trip will come later but they are on the madres camera.) So it was a very fun few days. On thuursday we drove from waikiki to the north shore and I showed my parents a few cool little places. Friday we hung out in town and just was lazy basically. and saturday after work we went to the polynesian cultural center for the night show and a few shows in the little villages!

so it was a fun time and I love Bryce and my parents very much and i was so happy to see them. Now we need to get ready for bryces mom, she gets here tomorrow night

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the good and the bad

So living in Hawaii has been good most days. I'm a girl I still have hard days. but when the weather is nice I think every day will be easier as lng as I get to enjoy it every once in a while. So far it has been too rainy for anybody's own good and the beach shouldn't be gross. I need heat (rain please please go away and dont come back for a long time)

Work has been just that, work. lots of new hiring and training and the only hard part about training now is have the new girl ask "are you 19 too?" 2 days after turning 23...

but here's one big positive about hawaii...i get to be with this cute boy everday

I don't know how happy he'll be after seeing I posted this picture haha

Some day the weather will be like this again...with even fewer clouds
But the mainland does have some positives that I miss as well...including (but not limited to)

my family

this kids cute face

Big city's and Big travels

(i don't kow if this is possible but sometimes I feel kind of homesick for New York and

yet I've never been able to call it home)

These girls.

am I allowed to tell them to stop growing? because they need to...Ryan shouldn't

even be walking or talking yet and here she is on a bike ;)

And this girl...

this is Peyton my newest niece. She was born in November and I haven't even met her yet

And I don't know why all of a sudden the spacing changed but it's really bothering me haha. BUT anyway enough reminiscing I have a wedding to plan, a room to clean, and a body to bathe!

Until the next a-word this is what you're getting and I'll make sure to take some fun Hawaii pictures when I have the time and the weather is nice again

Monday, March 23, 2009

we'll have fun fun fun

here are some new pictures from hawaii and some stuff that weve been doing! yay

I've been long boarding a little with bryce lately. I can kind of skate now haha but as you can tell even from the picture he is a whole lot better than me!

I feel like I even just look goofy in the picture, I probably wasn't even moving at all. I was probably busy talkingI love that I can make faces like this at bryce and he still loves me everyday...but if my face got stuck like that it may be a little bit of a different endingand if you look closely at that lat picture you can see this red thing on my nose...i woke up one morning with bug bites on my nose and it ended up turning into that. I was afraid of pulling a michael jackson and my nose was going to fall off...but all is well, i still have all of my nose and the coloring is back to normal. but heres a close up of it :)we went tho this temple today. its called the byodo-in temple. its pretty cool. You actually drive through a cemetary and this is in the back of it in a little valley. it was a cool thing to see and experiencethis picture is now reminding me of a mason jennings song...and the part that im thinking of goes like this...
"oh jesus i love you
and i love buddah too
Ramakrishna, Guru Dev
Tao Te Ching and Mohammed"

i dont really know what that last part means but its what this picture makes me think it allowed to take a picture with a buddha like this? i hope im ok
so, there are a few things for you to enjoy. We also went to get hawaii drivers licenses today...bryce is now a hawaii resident with a pretty little drivers license with a rainbow on it. I'll be excited to get mine next week when I retake that can only miss 6...i missed 7 dumb!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hawaii happenings!

another post from hawaii! and I have a few pictures, so im getting a little bit better.

this picture is of my bed haha. It's not much and it's a little bit of a mess but you understand. I would've taken a picture of my whole room but the girl I share my room with has a lot of stuff and before I got here she kind of took over the room, so this is basically what I have anyway.

This is Laie point. It's obviously looking away from the island haha. You may have seen this point in most recently 'forgetting sarah marshall' it's not a hike like they make it out to be though, there's a street, you can drive on to the point and there are houses too. I walked up there today and it's about a mile from my house I'm guessing and it was so nice to finish my walk and be able to sit up here.

Now, this picture is also Laie point, but looking into the island. and this is the exact location where Bryce proposed (in that first picture the first brown you see is where we had our picnic) I was sitting right in between those spots, it's like our spot now and the spot where he proposed is almost the exact spot they jumped off for 'forgetting sarah marshall' ANYWHO

So those are a few hip hop happening things about my new home. I'll try to get out more and take pictures of more things to keep family and friends feeling connected. and just think if any one comes out to visit, I'll be able to be your own personal tour guide and show you these cool things...just dont wear aloha shirts or fanny packs, i have a feeling bryce might punch you in the face, and the locals don't like those peole much either...and they can be big

Friday, March 6, 2009

whatever you want it to be

so here i am, living the island life, or whatever else it may be.

I have been in hawaii for a week now and so far so good. I still want to marry bryce haha. And today i got a job YAY kasey no more sitting on the couch eating cereal, no i get to sit at work and eat ben and jerrys...even better haha.

I'm living in a house with 9 (yes 9) other girls. it isn't bad though. i share a room with one girl and a bathroom with her and one other girl. there are two bedrooms downstairs and the rest are up stairs, and i am downstairs! everyone seems to have completely different schedules, and the only problem i've had so far is not enough hot water. but i've figured out the timing so im ok!

I start my job next week at trade secret. I'm glad i had the experience with that company before haha easy schmeasy.

and i'm going to start doing what robynne is doing. mobile hair,shes doing esthetics, check her out if you're in southern california

I'm still trying to figure out prices and such but I will have that soon. so i'm excited I'll have a real job at a store, plus a back up for play money...? haha it's going good already I've already done a few haircuts and i have another client to go to today. But unlike Robynne, I don't have anything set up at my house. SO, I come to your house. Which is great for moms and students, I work around your time for the most part, with few exceptions.

So yeah there you have it I am inhawaii living the life enjoying it all as it comes and goes. I like it so far I'm just ready to have a place that feels like home where I can decorate with pictures and stuff...hopefully soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

heart day

so, is that really what you're supposd to do for a 2 year old for valentines day? if yes i am oober excited to have kids, if no, i don't care that's what I'll do. me and my sister in law did this for jacob to wake up to on valentines day. he didn't care for much besides the 'bawoons'

My brother flew into town the morning of valentine's day so we went out to dinner and jacob was my valentine. He even gave me candy earlier in the day and tried to steal my card haha. this picture is awkward i've decided...i look crazy and almost homeless and jacob looks like he should have laid off the apple juice and ketchup a lot sooner than he did

but then I get the occasional picture of him like this. He was cracking me up this day. He was watching 'little einsteins' and leo's silly sock was on leo's head. so jacob decided to put his fruit roll up on his head and run past me so I could take it from him. it was hilariouod and I am going to miss him so stinkin much!!!!

I move to hawaii a week from today...wish me luck haha