Wednesday, February 18, 2009

heart day

so, is that really what you're supposd to do for a 2 year old for valentines day? if yes i am oober excited to have kids, if no, i don't care that's what I'll do. me and my sister in law did this for jacob to wake up to on valentines day. he didn't care for much besides the 'bawoons'

My brother flew into town the morning of valentine's day so we went out to dinner and jacob was my valentine. He even gave me candy earlier in the day and tried to steal my card haha. this picture is awkward i've decided...i look crazy and almost homeless and jacob looks like he should have laid off the apple juice and ketchup a lot sooner than he did

but then I get the occasional picture of him like this. He was cracking me up this day. He was watching 'little einsteins' and leo's silly sock was on leo's head. so jacob decided to put his fruit roll up on his head and run past me so I could take it from him. it was hilariouod and I am going to miss him so stinkin much!!!!

I move to hawaii a week from today...wish me luck haha