Tuesday, September 16, 2008

saying farewell

my dear friend shawna (chawna poo) is now hermana orlando (thank you for enlightening me with that kk it was much enjoyed) she reports to the provo mtc tomorrow at 12:30. it's so wierd to me, i know that since we've both moved we haven't seen or talked a whole lot but im going to miss her like crazy. Shawna is a great friend and I love her to death. So basically a few friends from california went out to dinner and had fun catching up and then Shawna KK and erin came over and we had ice cream sundaes mmm (i need to throw dessert parties) Shawana and kari got their hair cut and we all just hung out and relaxed and talked!

Today ended up being a pretty nice day from from Colorado. I didn't go into school so I could see Shawna so my day was 4 hours of work plus cleaning and baking and shopping and hanging out and having fun! i actually got to be outside for a little while in the sun which doesn't happen a whole lot for me right now. I thought I'd get to spend some time in the sun in colorado, but boy was i wrong. not until after I got there to the cold wet weather did bryce explain to me its called colorful colorado, because of the weather, but the day I left it was super nice outside, but I got stuck in the airport for 8 hours! wtf mate, right? it was still a nice mini vacation (i get another one in 38 days haha, bryce is right I do take too many vacations haha)

EXCITING NEWS!!! i got a text email thing from AJ the other day. he will be back in utah at hill air force base on monday night the 22nd! he only had a short deployment (5.5 months) but it still seems like a long time when courtney is alone and Jacob does ask for dad. I didn't want to intrude so I didn't invite myself to welcome him home, but Courtney called me and told me I could come. I am so excited. It will be Courtney Jacob and me I think. me and AJ have never been too close but I think with him going and me helping take care of his family we have gotten closer to eachother. He'll be home until he leaves again for Oklahoma on Halloween but it will be nice to have him home for a little while.

Well it is now time for me to get in the shower and get ready for bed before the boyfriend calls me back! (i lufh him!)