Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mr brightside...?

its almost midnight and i dont know why im up...maybe you could tell me haha

i went back to work and school today...lame. Everytime i take some sort of a break from that i always feeling like quitting my job and exiting school (you know a real beauty school drop out...there are a lot of them) and head back to california and hang out with the rents and work some lame job for a while. theres that option or running off to hawaii and being homeless cause thats probably what would happen to me. sidenote kind of: spencer and i made a deal that if either of us were about to lose everything we would sell what we had to have enough money for a one way ticket to hawaii and be homeless on the beach there in waikiki. its always warm and you can easily get a lame job there. anyway...

work is super boring...having a total of 3 customers in 7 hours does not help on a boring day. especially when i didnt take my book cause i thought a big boss would be dropping in today, but after all the hard work getting the store ready, she decided she didnt want to come.

school was better, i wasnt there by myself so i got to talk to people, and i even had 2 haircuts, always appreciated! and i got to have dirty stans (greasy hamburger joint). tomorrow i get to do it all over again, except we have class for the first 2.5 hours, i dont know if ill be able to sit for that long. and then probably no haircut or client...so maybe a scalp treatment for kasey? sounds bueno

ive decided with the help of bryce that i really want a psp or pink nintendo ds haha. id play the lame girl games!

oh and my car still isnt fixed...i wanna sell it but i think my dads telling me no, i dont know what hes trying to tell me to do.

but yeah i guess itll all be figured out sometime...because it definitly needs to be figured out.

oh and ps...it really bothers me when people get what i want haha end of story done and done

Thursday, July 10, 2008

as per shawnas request

an update, as per shawnas request. A lot of stuff has definitly happened. fourth of july was so exciting! every year provo does stadium of fire, a concert and a fireworks show at the BYU football stadium. this year was the blue man group and miley cyrus! they do this really cool thing too, for a lot of the families of deployed military they basically give them tickets, they actually had the families walk out on to the field with signs and stuff and they were supposed to be broadcasting the whole thing in iraq but aj didnt get to see :( my nephew was even super cute (i still need the pictures theyll be here sometime) but it was a very fun fourth!

THEN saturday the fifth the boyfriend came! i got to the airport on time and didnt get too lost so it was good haha. on our way back to provo my car broke...yes broke. and not like a kasey broke like the broken lock, like the car stopped running, sad! but luckily courtney was waiting for us to get back so i was able to call her and she could help us out. we finally got it taken care of and made it to bryces parents in saratoga spring and just hung out for a while. thats actually what weve been doing a lot of, hanging out. we got to go out to eat for bryces 23rd birthday and hang ot with his family and some friends, it was good.

now here i am on a thursday night bryce is camping and im just hanging out carless watching the girls next door. tomorrow i get to go to the water park with courtney and jacob and i am so excited. jacob makes me laugh so hard and he just makes me so happy, i think hes the cutest kid ive ever seen evver!!

but yeah so theres a quick update and a lot of nonsense. there will definitly be more to come its basically the story of my life haha.