Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sounds like magic

Bryce said the magic words Saturday while he was watching some engadget tech show...

"WHEN we go to New York..."

There was more to that statement, but that was the only part that mattered..up until Saturday the only thing he said about N.Y. was

"I'm not going to New York, it can be a girl thing"

We've made excellent progress

Friday, May 21, 2010

my favorite 4 year old

i can't play favorites...so he's my favorite 4 year old boy! cadie is still 4 for another 18 days

today this cute kid turned 4

I have the world's best nephew (and cutest)! and don't try to argue that

Happy Birthday Jacob! YOU'RE HUGE!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

pink is my favorite color

If I had a choice I would be my favorite color all the time

I enjoyed the sunshine today and I am a little bit pink...but definitely not red...I am the perfect shade of pink. after being such a whitey growing up I would turn fire engine red...sometimes a little pink feels good!!

The job is still going spectacular
I will have to take a pic of Randi's bday present when I get the last picture from her because I think it's way cool
I was given a project at work today and it took about 10 times longer than it should have but I love doing little projects
I did pilates today

It was a good day

Work ($$)
Pilates (wierd)

But it was a good tuesday

and i am excited for my 'day off' tomorrow (its my day off but i have to go in for 3 hours still...I don't understand how that works!!)

Good night moon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

birthday babble

i have to be up at 5:30 am and its 10:30 pm and I am no longer a night owl/have i ever been a morning person...but as I sit here with my eyes ready to close i felt the desire to blog

But i dont really have anything to blog about.

I made my moms mothers day present today as well as randis birthday present (her birthday was the 21st of april) the siblings really slack on birthday presents sometimes...sometimes ill give spencer his bday present for christmas and his christmas present for his birthday. It would work, except for the fact that we're like little kids and we tell each other what we're buying for each other, so when it comes for the next holiday it was actually for the last...

or i'm on top of things and buy gifts and give them to my sibling months before as a 'just because' but then 5 minutes later i tell them it's their birthday present so don't expect anything for your birthday...i love my family!

I did get a head start on Jacobs birthday present though...his birthday is in a week...but i need to get started on AJ's his birthday is in -1 day...aka 364 days...aka i didnt get him anything yet. its so much easier when you live close by...especially when your siblings have kids...you give them a gc for a restaurant and you babysit the rugrat for the night...two pluses...they get to go out and you get to play with your amazingly awesome nephew and give him as much candy as his little heart desires and snuggle until he can't keep his eyes open anymore.

ANYWAY hopefully one day I will be better at getting gifts on time to people.

until them AJ happy birthday...you'll have your birthday present for father's day

and spencer ill get started tomorrow so that it'll only be a month late instead of 5

oui and i have in laws that i need to prepare for this week...too many freakin birthdays

I vote we only celebrate my birthday and birthdays for people under 12...we have something in common...we don't care what our pesent is as long as we get to rip wrapping paper and eat cake and ice cream!

tata blogspot.com until i have something interesting to share with you

Monday, May 3, 2010

visitors visiting

3 days after my birthday Spencer came to visit (see how busy I've been...birthdays, new job, visitors, etc) He's been to Hawaii before but in the Waikiki area, so he requested to see the real Hawaii...which is good since that is where we live bahaha

I had to work full time still when he was here so i didn't get to do too much fun stuff with him...but we did go to kokua festival (I think 2008 was better) it was fun to hang out and see jack johnson for the second time...he was so chill, he got to perform at home so he was a lot more relaxed and just cruise about the whole performance which was kind of cool but at the same time it felt like he wasn't giving it 100%...but whatev's

Spencer and Bryce spent a few days at the beach getting horrible sunburns.

I took him to the hukilau cafe and uncle Bobo's. We went to Haleiwa and watched people trying to 'SUP' (stand up paddle). We went to Leilei's and Ala Moana Shopping Center. We got asked by a few people if we were honeymooning...?...and they visited me at work. While he was here Bryce's aunt had her baby so Bryce and I took turns watching the boys while trying to keep Spencer busy his last day here...all in all it was a nice vacation for him and he's spreading a rumor that he's going to come back in July.

We went to Waimea valley and walked around...this is the closest he would get to the peacock...i got closer muahahaha

and here we are at the kokua festival!! he had gotten here the day before and was still on a wierd time schedule so he was as tired as he looked!!

Thanks for coming to visit Spence! I'll see you in June and possibly July!!

the birthday of randi roo

I just have to do a 'shout out' for my sister. her birthday is 2 days after mine...we are almost exactly 5 years apart...except somehow i turned 24 this year and she turned 22 again...im starting to get really confused!

since our birthdays were only 2 days apart my family always had one birthday celebration...when we were little we'd go to my grandparents for easter and the aunts, uncles, and cousins would be there and with all of our easter celebrations we would also have a little birthday celebration as well.
As we go older it would just be our family going out to eat or having a little celebration. and it seems that every time we had our 'big birthdays' it was always the same year...i turned 13 she turned 18...i turned 16 she turned 21...you get the idea.

As well as sharing a cake and dinner, the last few years we were all together, there was usually a present for each of us that had to be opened at the same time...usually we'd end up opening our boxes and and pulling out the same usc shirt, jersey, hat, or something dodgers and then we'd get a day with dad at a usc baseball game or dodger event! that was one of my favorite things growing up...knowing I'd get a fun day with randi and my dad!

Growing up I always felt bad that she had to share her birthday with her little sister...but now that we dont get to do that I miss it so much! I cant wait for the day to celebrate both of our birthdays together again!

I love you Randi Roo

my birfday

aahhh i have been so busy i have so much to update on!!!

We'll start with April birthdays...

my birthday was april 19, and for the first time ever i didn't get to ditch work/school and had to be an adult and work...boo...but my wonderful husband made sure to make it a very happy birthday!!

the saturday before we got up and went to mac 24/7, where they did an episode of man vs food...so of course i had to order the same thing and get the gigantic pancakes
i think they were 14 inches big! i ate and ate and ate and bryce ate and we barely even touched those pancakes but mmm they were so good! they were blueberry pancakes (just like man vs food duh) and they had a glaze on...like an icing mmm i love all things sugary and sweet!!

then he took me to sea life park and i got to swim with a dolphin!!! this is something that i have always wanted to do and i got to do it. I have a picture of me kissing the wolphin (part whale part dolphin) but i haven't scanned it yet...maybe someday. and i got to ride on the dolphins belly! yeah boi! i was so excited!!