Sunday, October 12, 2008

boredom = pictures :)

so ive decided to use this post to post pictures (im pretty bored haha) but im going to share some of my fave pics because i can :)

Cadie would barely even talk to me before this day but she was absolutely IN LOVE with bryce!! it just makes me so happy that my nieces (some of the most important people in my life) appprove haha
It isn't very common that bryce and i take a picture where both of us have our eyes open, were both smiling, and neither of us are making a wierd face AT ALL

i think this was the last time that my whole family was all together (family= parents and 4 kids) this was 2004Its kind of a big deal meeting john paul dejoria, he really is one of the nicest guys i have ever met, i ended up meeting him once again at the sundance film festival and before he even knew i was a pm student he was super nice

these are my nieces (cadie, ryan, and alyssa) this was the picture they sent out with their christmas cards last year. it makes me so happy and even though theyre being wierd you can still see how pretty they all are
Jacob is my buddy. he thinks my phone is for looking at pictures of jacob and kasey. i always need to keep some on my phone for him and he's actually smiling! this is the picture i show him when he tells me he wants to see "gaycub and kasey"

ill spare you and stop there haha. but yeah.i get to go to hawaii in 12 days! thats so exciting i can hardly stand it! my parents are FINALLY moving into their house and theyll be coming to see AJ while im in hawaii. Im excited for them I know they miss him courtney and jacob lots! well, im off to clean my room (wierd i know)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

updates galore

so basically i think i have the best boyfriend EVER...

(a little visual for you guys haha)

i got to school today and i had a package waiting for me (and since i spend all my time at school and 75% of the people at my school know bryce it wasnt that wierd) so i get to the front desk and this is what i have...

He was upset though cause they werent the flowers that he ordered, but i dont care! all the girls at school were jealous and one of the girls even told me to stop talking about bryce cuz not every girl has a boyfriend like him :) thats right suckas haha. i lufh my cwazy pants boyfriend!

but ANYWAY ill stop bragging for a little while. so life has been good lately. I've been working less and going to school more which i actually like. I really like school (not necessarily the same school for an excess of 2 years) but i like the learning part of it. and yes as of september 25 i have been a future professional at paul mitchell the school provo, ut for 2 years. im beginning to wonder what future theyre talking about man oh man. but the end is in sight!! YAY!!

I got a letter from shawna the other day (see last post haha) but she wrote me from the mtc and i honestly dont think i have ever seen (although i dont really see her) shawna so happy! she loves the mtc and is super happy so im REALLY excited for her now! and now everytime i drive by the mtc i wave haha yes im that much of a nerd. I will even drive past there now on purpose on my way to school, its not out of the way it just takes a few minutes longer, but with that way i even get to drive by the temple. so awesome possom!!

basically thats the update on my life and since its after midnight i will be in hawaii in 22 days and be with bryce oh happy day! and i think my parents are coming up here the week before i am way excited, i just need to get a halloween costume now..hmmm