Friday, February 26, 2010

bucket list

im starting a bucket list...heres the beginning...ill continue more later

these are things that i have done already or wish to do in the future

1. travel to europe
(x) 2. see a broadway show
(x) 3. swim with dolphins
4. travel to asia
5. go to alaska
6. take a picture on abbey the beatles
7. make a difference
8. go on a cruise
9. donate blood
10. milk a cow
11. husk a coconut
12. sky dive
13. learn to knit or crochet
14. travel to all 50 states
15. adopt
16. be in one room with my entire family at once
17. do temple work for my moms family
18. have a garden with edible vegetables :)

so far its kind of short and lame haha...ill keep thinking and continue it...i really want to make this list phenomenal


happy aloha friday

i spent mine making
donut holes
chicken stew

i cleaned the house
stuck my toes in the sandenjoyed the sun (before amy jinxed it)
and waited for my husband to get home

how was your aloha friday?
i hope it was spectacular...for now it is the weekend!

this isn't my picture
but it's where i enjoy my beach time

and i thought i'd share it with you

Sunday, February 21, 2010

its raining...

it's pouring..bryce is-a snoring

it's always random when bryce takes a nap...but oh so good for him! naps would be my best friend if it was allowed...naps and ice cream
so while the husband is taking his rainy sunday nap and i hold off on the musical that is much needed on a rainy day i decided to share a blog

you should blog stalk our friends amy and matt amy's a lot better at taking pictures than me...she took pictures of the kokua beach clean up the two of us went to a week was a fabulous over cast saturday that i actually got to spend outside and not stuck inside the mall!! yay

after we cleaned up and turned in our rubbish we checked out almost won some prizes and got our code for early kokua festival tickets is was indeed spectacular
the mister and i got our tickets..and a few for this studly brother of mine

yup thats right spencer is coming for a visit!! yay!! family is great and i miss mine like crazy everyday!! so im totally stoked that my big younger brother is coming for a visit and some play time. and for the amazing festival too! (bryce took me two years ago for my bday and its oober fun!) last bit of exciting news!

i finally have a calling at church (weve been in the ward for 4 months now and since day 1 they kept telling us they were getting callings for us, but instead i sat in relief society where they asked me after being in the ward for 3 months if i was a visitor...hmm)
but it loks like im going back to camp! i am now an assistant yw ward camp director! sounds pretty exciting to me and they have invited me to go to yw every week which is probably the most exciting part for me! haha

anyway everyone have a fantastic sunday, and if you have sunshine this week enjoy it for me...i fear rain all

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the mister's away

the mr is away so i get to 'play'
aka finish my dads bday present, clean, and well as other things

so im here to post about our vday celebration...which happened on february 13 (probably like a lot of other people did.) But we went to a fun concert with our friends erika dick and travis (i cant say erikas name without her last just goes...erika dick)

so...we went to the beach boys! yay

Remember that episode of full house when dj tried to win tickets to the beach boys but somehow they all got to go back stage and i think the beach boys even went to the tanner house (i dont remember how this happened) but, i was completely obsessed with full house so i was glad to remember this...

ANYWAY...we got to the blaisdell which was definitely not sold out but still kind of full. the opener was a comedian who i didnt find amusing...boring...then they came out...and they had a special guest with them...

thats right the one and only uncle jesse! have mercy! they came out and got about 2 songs in to the show and i turn to erika dick and say 'is that john stamos? haha bye bye birdie is over and i know he does stuff with the beach boys' then they finished their song and the lead singer says 'we have a special guest with us tonight, john stamos, he just finished bye bye birdie on broadway and is coming to hang out with us for a while.'

Oh man poor bryce was probably so tired of me talking about how cute he is haha.

they even sang that song 'forever' that was by jesse and the rippers (the rippers = the beach boys) i think bryce was surprised i knew the song and the story behind know the wedding and then the music video when uncle jesse and aunt becky had the twins...i made him watch the video when we got to the car and i teared up a little bit kind of like i did when i was 9

needless to say it was a fun night and the beach boys are hilarious and made me laugh more than the comedian. if theyre in town buy your tickets (and hope that your childhood crush is there playing with them)

Friday, February 12, 2010

#2 in the same amazed!

my mom knows me too well...yesterday i got a little yellow card in the mail saying i had a package waiting for me at the post office...i already knew i was a valentines package (yes i am married and my mom still sends me a valentines package...and she does the same for my older brother and sister too)

well lo and behold i open the package to find these guys right on top!

she just knew the two bags that i bought for myself just weren't enough...ok 3 bags and a few of the little boxes...


with v-day soon to be wrapping up that means easter is soon to follow...meaning a box from mom full of peeps, atleast one bag of all black jelly beans and a bag of normal jelly beans...without a doubt i know its coming!

that is one good thing about christmas being over...after the good christmas candy is gone the valentines candy comes then the easter candy then its summer and time for more ice cream than any single person can handle!!

new post

lets see lets see lets see...what has been happening...

i love my husband...

valentines day is sunday and we decided to spend less than 20 dollars for gifts...

saturday were doing the kokua beach clean up...

then were going to the beach boys... its a beach day

ive been really crafty lately...well atleast trying. but i guess hawaii isnt very crafty, the closest craft store is an hour away...and i want decoupage glue is that really too difficult to ask?

my hours have been cut at work that makes things a little tricky...but we pay our tithing we are good!!

courtney had a baby!! Jordan Cash was born on February 9 at 8:16pm and was 5.78 pounds and 18 so excited to have another nephew...and if hes even half as cute as jacob hes going to be a heart breaker as well!

I love being an aunt

I love being a wife

I love being a daughter

I love being a sister


spencer might come in april for a visit and for the kokua keeping my fingers crossed..

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE...this is very important...

almost immediately after i finished this post i had a call from my most amazing husband and the conversation goes as follows

b: What kind of glue did you need?
k: decoupage glue...are you at a craft store getting some for me?
b: i may or may not be at a craft store
k: yay! thanks so much you are the best husband ever!

I have been wanting to finish my project for 2 days now and elmers glue just does not work :)

I really do have the best husband of all time