Monday, April 12, 2010

new job new day

i officially started my new job yesterday (yes the only downfall, i may have to work sundays) BUT so far I love it! the people are very friendly and it's so nice having a job that people actually want to be at!

I am a spa concierge at Spa Luana at Turtle Bay I am basically the receptionist and they're also training me to be a spa attendant which does all the stuff in the back PLUS since I am a licensed cosmetologist I am licensed to do hair skin and nails...therefore even though I wasn't hired as a stylist I will also be trained on the color line, nail services, skin and body treatments! This will be such a good thing for me in the long run! I won't even have to go back to school to learn these things, I will be getting paid to learn them! I'm so excited.

Turtle Bay offers AMAZING benefits to, vision, dental, life insurance (All absolutely free) discounts at the resort and other benchmark hospitality properties all over the world!! yipee!!!

it's only 10 minutes from home (instead of 45...makes a HUGE difference)

That is my very exciting news...Also Spencer comes in 9 days...we're going to see jack johnson in 10 days...oh yeah and my birthday is in 7 days! woohoo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wednesday wednesday!!


This is the most exciting thing a Wednesday could ever offer!!
My BFF got home from her mission today!

She has been in Peru for the last 18 months, and today at 1pm-ish she got back to california...the only bad thing about it...I'm in Hawaii and the other BFF is due to have a baby tomorrow so neither of us could be there :(

But in June we will be reunited for the first time in almost 3 years!! (after robynne was married i was immature and was mad at her for about a year and a half...until shawna left for her mission and shawnas wish was for me and robynne to thats what we did!)

I know these pictures are small but i was too lazy to do the whole hard drive thing, so i stole them from my facebook and that's how they turned out!