Monday, March 23, 2009

we'll have fun fun fun

here are some new pictures from hawaii and some stuff that weve been doing! yay

I've been long boarding a little with bryce lately. I can kind of skate now haha but as you can tell even from the picture he is a whole lot better than me!

I feel like I even just look goofy in the picture, I probably wasn't even moving at all. I was probably busy talkingI love that I can make faces like this at bryce and he still loves me everyday...but if my face got stuck like that it may be a little bit of a different endingand if you look closely at that lat picture you can see this red thing on my nose...i woke up one morning with bug bites on my nose and it ended up turning into that. I was afraid of pulling a michael jackson and my nose was going to fall off...but all is well, i still have all of my nose and the coloring is back to normal. but heres a close up of it :)we went tho this temple today. its called the byodo-in temple. its pretty cool. You actually drive through a cemetary and this is in the back of it in a little valley. it was a cool thing to see and experiencethis picture is now reminding me of a mason jennings song...and the part that im thinking of goes like this...
"oh jesus i love you
and i love buddah too
Ramakrishna, Guru Dev
Tao Te Ching and Mohammed"

i dont really know what that last part means but its what this picture makes me think it allowed to take a picture with a buddha like this? i hope im ok
so, there are a few things for you to enjoy. We also went to get hawaii drivers licenses today...bryce is now a hawaii resident with a pretty little drivers license with a rainbow on it. I'll be excited to get mine next week when I retake that can only miss 6...i missed 7 dumb!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hawaii happenings!

another post from hawaii! and I have a few pictures, so im getting a little bit better.

this picture is of my bed haha. It's not much and it's a little bit of a mess but you understand. I would've taken a picture of my whole room but the girl I share my room with has a lot of stuff and before I got here she kind of took over the room, so this is basically what I have anyway.

This is Laie point. It's obviously looking away from the island haha. You may have seen this point in most recently 'forgetting sarah marshall' it's not a hike like they make it out to be though, there's a street, you can drive on to the point and there are houses too. I walked up there today and it's about a mile from my house I'm guessing and it was so nice to finish my walk and be able to sit up here.

Now, this picture is also Laie point, but looking into the island. and this is the exact location where Bryce proposed (in that first picture the first brown you see is where we had our picnic) I was sitting right in between those spots, it's like our spot now and the spot where he proposed is almost the exact spot they jumped off for 'forgetting sarah marshall' ANYWHO

So those are a few hip hop happening things about my new home. I'll try to get out more and take pictures of more things to keep family and friends feeling connected. and just think if any one comes out to visit, I'll be able to be your own personal tour guide and show you these cool things...just dont wear aloha shirts or fanny packs, i have a feeling bryce might punch you in the face, and the locals don't like those peole much either...and they can be big

Friday, March 6, 2009

whatever you want it to be

so here i am, living the island life, or whatever else it may be.

I have been in hawaii for a week now and so far so good. I still want to marry bryce haha. And today i got a job YAY kasey no more sitting on the couch eating cereal, no i get to sit at work and eat ben and jerrys...even better haha.

I'm living in a house with 9 (yes 9) other girls. it isn't bad though. i share a room with one girl and a bathroom with her and one other girl. there are two bedrooms downstairs and the rest are up stairs, and i am downstairs! everyone seems to have completely different schedules, and the only problem i've had so far is not enough hot water. but i've figured out the timing so im ok!

I start my job next week at trade secret. I'm glad i had the experience with that company before haha easy schmeasy.

and i'm going to start doing what robynne is doing. mobile hair,shes doing esthetics, check her out if you're in southern california

I'm still trying to figure out prices and such but I will have that soon. so i'm excited I'll have a real job at a store, plus a back up for play money...? haha it's going good already I've already done a few haircuts and i have another client to go to today. But unlike Robynne, I don't have anything set up at my house. SO, I come to your house. Which is great for moms and students, I work around your time for the most part, with few exceptions.

So yeah there you have it I am inhawaii living the life enjoying it all as it comes and goes. I like it so far I'm just ready to have a place that feels like home where I can decorate with pictures and stuff...hopefully soon!