Wednesday, December 9, 2009

north shore waves

We've ben in the middle of a storm this week, Bryce and I went to sunset last night and I tried to get pictures of the waves to show how crazy it was...almost half the beach was gone! theyve closed almost all beaches and wont let people swim and a few nights ago there were a few helicopters out patrolling making sure no one was swimming.

Waimea bay, where most tourists go is usually pretty smooth. I'm sure you've all seen pictures of it. it's where everyone goes to jump off the rock...ANYWAY every few years when Hawaii has a big storm like they are now there is a surf competition...the eddie aikau...its a surf competition that only happens when waves in waimea bay are 40-6o feet!! so...check out this link look at those waves! we wanted to go see the waves there last night but the traffic was so bad...

Friday, December 4, 2009

oh christmas tree!!

We picked out our first Christmas tree the other night.

We picked it out...

Bryce put up the lights, we put up the ornaments

We conquered that Christmas tree

And then Bryce kissed me :)

theres no place like home

I've told my mom since August that I'd post pictures of our house, so here they December

This is the outside of our house. there's another house connected on the side. The porch goes all the way across...we love it

the living room

The kitchen

The dining room portion of the kitchen

We have a bedroom...with a bed

AND we have a toilet!! there's a shower in there too


We carved our first child...aka pumpkin. We had our friends m and a over and we carved pumpkins. bryce wanted a scary one I wanted a cute girl one...we both got what we wanted :)

I gave her some girl eyelases and a bow so she wasn't as scary


For the days after our wedding, we stayed in California and we hung out with our families and friends. Sunday we drove to Valencia and hung out with the White's and then Monday we went to Disneyland with the Huggans'. Tuesday we went to Chino and got me some new eye glasses, and hung out with benj and robynne. Wednesday we sold my car went to in n out and flew back to hawaii

I was so excited to be going to Disneyland again, I dont think bryce was as excited

I guess my family goes to Disneyland too much, I knew where all the cameras were, so I'm making the funny face and Bryce is smart and made a face

I love caramel apples, and this was my disneyland present from bryce. mmm it was so good, i want another one right now!

we got married

So it's been like two months...BUT we got married!! we are now Bryce and Kasey Huggans...that's hard to get use to.

so here we are. coming out of the temple as mr and mrs...forever!!

My boys! My dad, husband and brother! I love these guys. my dad and spencer did so much for us that week. and since bryce hurt his foot earlier this year and it still isnt back to perfect, my brother carried me across the muddy grass becuase he didn't want my dress to get dirty

tres homies plus mama kari. Shawna is on her mission in Peru so the Orlando's have this cutout of her face so that she can 'be at' all the big events. and it was her birthday...

My family!! I know not all of it, but AJ and courtney came the next day for the reception and Randi couldn't make it, but it was still fabulous

On thursday we went our seperate ways for the evening. I hung out with the girls (aunts, grandma, moms and robynne) we had dinner at BJ's and a surprise bachelorette (sp?) party. and Bryce and the boys also went to BJ's about an hour and a half after us and they had their boy night. We stayed in the temple apartments and Friday morning woke up and got ready. Bryce's friend Nicole did my hair and make up amazingly. we went to the temple, we were married and we exited. we took pictures and then drove to long beach for our 'luncheon' we didnt get there until probably 5:30.
Saturday we went to the church building, had a quick ring ceremony, and then hung out for our reception. A lot of people came, but we found out that about half of our invitations didn't make it to people. I promise, we sent out about 300 invitations two months before the wedding and it sounds like only half the people got them. im sorry if you didnt get yours!

There were no real disasters that weekend so all went well! it was amazing and i love bryce more everyday!