Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i talked to my cute nephew jacob today...for the first time in a year sad but so exciting!

I can't believe how cute he is and how much he has grown.

I asked him what he did at school today

his response "i colored a picture, i did good"
k: 'i bet you did good'
j: 'yeah i know!'


the rest of the conversation was me asking questions and him saying yeah...except when he told me he has a lot of presents at home haha

i cant wait to give this kid kisses again!

Friday, March 5, 2010

a random thought about my gpa

I had this other random family thought last night that I told Bryce for the first time and realized how cool it sounded

My grandpa (my mom's dad/ grammie's husband) he passed away in 1994. I believe he was an engineer that designed planes...atleast that's what I remember my mom telling me. He was born in 1914...the only reason i know that is because I remember asking my mom if the Titanic sinking was still a big deal when Grandpa was born...ANYWAY

my grandpa...everett earl endicott (E3) was born and kind of raised in Illinois...when he was 14 he ran away from home and made his way to california.

On his way he met Bonnie and Clyde the infamous bank robbers!!

and i think my mom said he stayed with gypsies and learned how to read palms...

i think thats pretty rad...not many people can say they've done those things...I can't, BUT my grandpa can!

interesting facts

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

long bragging post (may be boring)

another post...man ive been kind of bored lately haha

this is a brag post

bragging about my family

I dont have a picture :( but my grammie is absolutely amazing
i love her lots...shes 90 years young in april
she introduced me to
chitty chitty bang bang
the dark crystal
(the original) shaggy dog (i refuse to watch the newer one)
mixing soda and orange juice
calling people stinkers (i use to call alyssa a little stinker)
basically she taught me some good things!
im sad i dont get to ditch high school and hang out with her anymore

Grandma and Grandpa:
Both are back with Heavenly Father
and I'm sure loving every minute of it
Grandma introduced me to
and cookie dough
Grandpa showed me
that guys do sing
and they are amazing for fostering children
and adopting my awesome pops
because of them I AM going to adopt one day

my mom:
she introduced me to life
laughing at myself
forgiving myself
and others
she is my bff
because of her i am everything that i am today

my dad:
makes me laugh more than anyone!
he intorduced me to:
the beatles
the dodgers
is there much more to life? haha
we're almost like 2 peas in a pod
except we're not
he works harder than any man i know
and he loves more than he can ever express
he makes me smile big every time i see him

gave me my nieces and thats what i love her most for haha kidding
but seriously i love my girls
she introduced me to curling irons
shed paint my nails and comb the back of my hair
i can call her and talk for hours
i wouldnt have asked for a different sister

gave me my boys haha...NEPHEWS!!
he was very secretly protective
he gave me another sister (i love you too courtney)
when i lived in utah i could stay at his house whenever i was homesick
(almost every weekend for a while)

for years everyone thought he was older than me
he liked pretending to fill in that role
he would do anything for me
as i would do anything for him
we fight constantly
but besides my mom he is my other bff

my nieces
alyssa is my sunshine
I loved that i got to go with randi for her first day of kindergarten
and blonde her up more to be tinkerbell
and be such a huge part in her life

is crazy and has more personality than anyone EVER
she makes me laugh as hard as lyssa and dad

is too pretty for her own good haha
i dont know her very well :(
but she has started talking to me on the phone
and she also melts my heart

is so fat! i love it and cant wait to smother her in kisses


is my buddy
he loves me as much as i love him
and loves candy as much as i do!

I have yet to meet :(
but supposedly he is way mellow...
opposite of his brother

and the husband
Takes care of me
feeds me ice cream
lets me do things that may be crazy
loves me everyday and tells me
spoils me
He knows how important the rest of my family is
and he'll let me talk about them
and brag about them
and miss them
as much as i need

I have the best family EVER!

march madness

WOWZA's march is already here! this is crazy!

you'll never believe what happened this past saturday...february 27. we had a TSUNAMI warning! warning is worse than watch...warning means its coming. our neighbor came to the door at 2:30 in the AM pounding and calling my name. I got up and she just says 'did you get the warning? turn on your tv, there's a tsunami warning' and then she was gone. We got online did some searching and sure enough...there was a tsunami on its way. We packed up our valuables and headed out at 5:30 AM on our way to Aiea where Bryce's warehouse is. on our drive the sirens went off at 6 AM and those buggers are loud!! We got to the warehouse and waited

and waited

and waited

and waited

at 11:19 when the tsunami was expected to reach oahu nothing had happened. We were watching the news and there was a little bit of action in Hilo and then it was over...boring!!

We got the clear to go home at 1:30. we left, got home, unpacked and i slept!

that was the 2010 tsunami that i survived!

that day was our friend matt's birthday (lucky duck got a freakin tsunami for his birthday) and we went to their house to have a little celebration. I made a donut cake...they dont like cake but love donuts...and i know how to make donuts so that was my job!

When I was little my mom use to make us donuts on saturday mornings. we take the canned biscuits, cut them, shape them, whatever them and fry them...then you cover them in sugar, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and the other day i glazed them! i love these donuts im glad my mom is smart!