Tuesday, October 13, 2009

dibbeyland dibbeyland ba ba ba

Yesterday we went to disneyland (we= mom, spencer and myslef, pops met us for dinner then joined us at dland after). it was a blast from the past hehe

California Screamin'
spencer, mom, and dad at espn zone for lunch and the phillies rockies game

me, mom, and spencer

my dad...al haha. i said "dad stand between the a and the l and we'll get an al picture" (now put your right hand straight up in the air and your left arm at a 90 degree angle making an l, thats what my dad did...all. i love this dude)

2/3 of the white fam bam!

so needless to say we have tons and oodles of fun at dibbeyland and we are finishing up wedding stuff after the much needed break!

Friday, October 9, 2009

sleepless in seattle

I'm in seattle for a few hours...waiting to go to los angeles!! yay!

every gift shop here has things that say 'sleepless in seattle' the movi wasn't that popular was it?

I saw a doctor in scrubs waiting at a gate...maybe for some body parts? there weren't any cameras...not for greys anatomy...boo

my flight from honolulu to here was successful (as I'm sure you're guessing) I of course sat next to the over sized grouch lady. and behind the cutest baby, his mom, and 'airplane grandparents' as they came to be known. a way cute couple more than willing to help the mom, traveling by herself, with anything to make her flight easier. and the baby was so so super good. I hope when I have kids they have airplane grandparents, and that there are just more good people like that in the world. unlike my grouchy neighbor...

we'll see if this flight brings any a-words (im ok I didn't say the real word...phew)

oh and I tried taking a picture of the seattle clouds from the airport...they were SO pretty, fluffy and colorful! these are definitly professional clouds

and wendys...not as good as I remember it being on wednesday 'ditch days' I'm glad they kicked us out for ruining their salt shakers I shouldve boycotted everything but frostys a long time ago

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2 fun pictures

today was good
i am now officially a resident of the state of hawaii
and i have the cutest nephew in the world!! im so excited he's Buzz Lightyear for Halloween, he lights up my life! oh man i really love this kid
these pics were on my phone so they are smaller than normal pictures haha

Sunday, October 4, 2009

tonight i made underwear!

tonight i made yummy dessert for me and bryce. i used a recipe that bryces mom gave me i dont know where its from but i think its german or something...? but this is damen capritzin which translated means ladies underwear. i had to put it back in the oven after this picture but its pretty. its basically a cookie with some jam and some meringue. i am so proud of myself and bryce loves me more!!!

i have been informed...it is scandonavian (sp?) (thats what bryce thinks it is atleast.) and it is now 3/4 gone mmm

Saturday, October 3, 2009

friday night rambles

i haven't posted anything fun or exciting lately...so i decided to post something (it probably wont be too fun OR exciting, but it's something)

Hawaii is spectacular. The sun has been my friend lately and the nights have been cool enough for me to wrap up in my minnie mouse blanket. it's even cool enough to snuggle with bryce (minus the minnie mouse blanket, he just doesn't like her) and I really like snuggling with bryce...he makes me smile!

fiance's leg has been healing up nicely, after the explosion. He can walk on it now without crutches or a boot, but he needs a lot of foot massages, i love him enough to do that...i barely even touch my own feet

work has been crazy, im super excited for a vacation...6 days and i will be on my way off the island, onto the huge island of the mainland. and i will be marrying my cute boy in 13 days...we're almost out of the double digits. and to think, everyone thought having a year long engagement would be too long...it feels like he proposed last night and i went to bed and woke up to today. it went fast! im so glad im going to have this happiness for all of eternity, it can go as fast or as slow as it wants to go, as long as i am mrs kasey huggans forever!!

i really need to go to bed, it has been a long week and i need my sleep for tomorrow and the long week ahead of me