Monday, December 20, 2010

Lets hear it for NEW YORK!!!

Ok, so I have time to update, the chicken noodle soup is simmering and the bread is rising!!

Back around Halloween I went out to New York to visit my favorite little girls!! I got there the day after Alyssa's 10th birthday (TEN YEARS OLD!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER 9 YEARS???)I have a very long 13 hour flight. I got to LA at about 5AM and had about 45 minutes to get on my night flight...I got to Detroit and had about 45 minutes to get to my last flight (yeah super short layovers and it still took 13 hours) I finally arrived in Syracuse New York...almost 24 Hawaiian hours later. oh boy was i exhausted and ready to be off the plane.We drove an hour to the base and we pulled up and Alyssa and Cadie came running out and SURPRISE there I was..they didn't know I was coming!!

I spent a week there hanging out with my favorites and helping Randi and accompanying her to a few doctors appointments. I'm so glad I got to go out there and spend that time with the girls. I miss them SO much

Here's Peyton, she turned 2 the day after I left and this was my first time meeting her. She's super cute like her sisters, but I don't think she liked me haha
I can't get enough of these cute girls in their costumes

Ryan was SUPERGIRL! haha, Randi and I played a game with her...'what do you like more...Kasey or (fill in the blank)' We used other family members names, different things, whatever we could come up with, she chose everything over me...even dog poop HAHA but she really did like me by the time I left. Our game was so funny though in the middle of Wal Mart

See how big lyssa is now? I don't know why she isnt smiling...ill make sure to punch her the next time I see her for that

I took Alyssa and Cadie to the roller rink one day, they were so cute and Cadie was doing tricks haha, she would slowly be moving and bend down to touch her foot and stick her other foot out...I wish I lived a lot closer to these girls! Today they started their move to Texas...a little bit closer, definitely better than a 13 hour flight

Sunday, December 12, 2010

much needed

Apparently Shawna wants me to update...

I have a million things to update about
Spencer and Amanda came to visit
Mine and Bryce's big island trip
My trip to New York
My 3 hours in LA
The Temple rededication
The Cultural Celebration
Christmas coming up


I am on the laptop and I can't upload pictures on the laptop, I have to be on the desktop and the kitchen and the couch are about 15 feet away from each other and tonight that 15 feet is 15 feet too many

So Shawna you will have to continue being patient :) Hopefully soon I will be a good blogger...until then, find someone else to stalk haha (love ya Chawna)