Friday, November 21, 2008

packing graduating and thinking

That's right I'm writing you another update haha don't get too excited. I know I'm not

It's the week before thanksgiving. this time next week i should be enjoying my purchases (black friday duh) and hanging out with sleeping parents. And the next day I'm trying on wedding dresses (I honestly never thought I would do that) and no we still don't have a date, we're working on it though.

I'm spending this fine friday night packing my room and all the junk that has come my way over the last 2 years. so far i only have 3 boxes and a suitcase going home and the boxes are movies, pictures, and books atleast they all mean something to me. and the suitcase is hair product which will most likely stay in California with mom. that's good! i have 3 boxes for yard sales or DI and I've gotten rid of four bags of trash. You don't realize how much junk you have until your mom tells you everything you take to California you have to ship to Hawaii. and when it costs as much as it does to send stuff to Hawaii and no place to really put it all a lot of stuff that you thought you couldnt live without is suddenly easy to part with.

I also have an exact finishing day with school! thursday december 4th at 10 pm i will have completed 2000 hours of cosmetology! o-m-g!!! i cant believe it is for realsies going to be ending! then it will be craziness for a while.

but anyway I need to sleep tonight i was going to go to bed early but i get too distracted by stuff :) but i did surpass my goal of packing one box so i am extremely proud of myself (yay)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hawaii was fun...

here i am! back from hawaii... :( and that picture is the only picture we took from the whole trip...sad i know but we'll have lots of time to make up for it.

Here's some stuff that we did while together in Hawaii...The haunted lagoon at PCC, went to the temple, went to the beach and discovered i'm biggest wussiest coldest person ever, went the the swap meet, had a costco date, i met bryces friends, got engaged, wait what was that??? haha

yes we got engaged and it was muy bueno!!! it was definitly something bryce wouldve done and I wouldn't have expected anything less. I lufh him!

and I know we'll all be asking for details, so here they are...(a little background first, on one of our first dates bryce made dinner and for dinner we had fajitas...end of story) SO...bryce got home from work and earlier that day he asked me if i wanted to go on a picnic, so when he got home from work he already had dinner packed up and we were off. We went to Laie point, his favorite spot to sit and think and enjoy the water and sun, and we had our picnic of fajitas (he is one smart boy!!) then we started walking around the point and he started telling me about how much he loved me and we were just talking about that, which for us being long distance isn't anything out of the ordinary, then we found a spot and stopped and Bryce mentioned how nice the weather was (it was rainging really hard almost EVERY DAY) and he said he had been praying for good weather. He asked me if I knew why he wanted goo weather and my blonde responses were "So we can play in the sun" and he asked what else and my response was "so we can sit in the sunshine" after a little giggle he said "and so I could do this" and he got down on his knee, how super cute is he?

So, yeah that's our story. We called my parents really quick and I talked to my mom and he called his parents the next morning. Then it worked perfect cause his Aunt Lori found out and spread the word for us haha so that made it easy. I have found that it is a little bit awkward telling people I'm engaged, like how are you supposed to bring up something like that? and it was especially hard today at school because i had to take my ring in to be sized :( haha

So yeah now I get to start planning a wedding and I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Thankfully we've been talking a lot about getting married so there were a lot of ideas that are now "official" haha so that helps

But that would definitly be the biggest update (and were looking at July in LA no exact date" so yeah. splendid!

and i thin at that point I can call it a night. If i think of anything else to update about I will do it within the next 3 weeks (maybe haha)