Saturday, January 31, 2009

funny faces

For Christmas I got a camera from Bryce, one of his biggest reasons for getting it for me was so I could take more pictures of us and just more pictures in general! I tried to do what he told me to and take pictures of us and this is what I got...boy do I love him!

But then he took this picture with me at the temple and did good! This is after a
"photo shoot" that didn't work out the greatest, but then I asked someone YAY

I'm guessing this is a theme...guys that can't seem to take normal pictures with me most of the time. Here Spencer and I and we took like 3 of these and he made faces the whole time
And here it is again! Jacob just gets distracted by the camera and wants to play with it, I'm just lucky he's looking at the camera haha

And there's a visual update!

Now for another update. Dates have changed, I am moving to Hawaii February 25th!! I have my ticket and everything! I am making my way back to California the week after Valentine's day, like the Monday (what is that, president's day or something?) but I will be in California for a week then I will be moving to Hawaii to be with my boy!! YAY!! I am freaking excited, I'm nervous though too at the same time, Hawaii is a big move. But I'll be with Bryce so everything will be GOOD!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

dos anos

yay for 2 years lovey!

Friday, January 16, 2009

baby sitting a words and wedding bells

and a words does not mean butts

This month I've been kind of busy YAY! haha I've been staying with my sister in law Courtney and baby sitting my cute nephew Jacob a few days a week. Jacob is so super fun and so funny. He has started to say really cute things and it makes me so happy and excited to have my own (? there are still a few years before that tho!!!) We've been dancing a lot to "moob it" and coloring and candy eating (I'm the aunt I'm supposed to let him eat candy, I have to be the favorite)

These last to days I've been with bryce's family getting wedding stuff together. We still don't have a date (haha) but I'm trying to get as much done by the beginning of March as possible!I've decided I am moving to Hawaii the second week in March and I want to get as much stuff done while I'm on the mainland as possible.

I don't know if I've mentioned this at all before but Bryce's grandma went to school for costume designing and she is making my wedding dress! today we went and looked for material and things that we need for my dress and we got it all! the lace and linings and the edging and it'll never guess...52 dollars!!! yes that's all my dress is going to cost 52 dollars total!!! omg but since it is custom made we're guessing if we get it appraised it'll be worth about 3,ooo dollars...insane!! i am really excited even though we don't have a date this is actually happening haha.

But there's your update, when I have time I can post some pictures and videos of Jacob dancing(trust me it will bring sunshine to your life!) and because there are actually things that I have been doing I will keep you all updated! yaya!