Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Garden Island

I thought this was good enough for blogging!!

My parents were coming to Hawaii for their anniversary/vacation...sadly they didn't come to O'ahu...but goodly (i made that up) they went to Kauai and I had never been! It was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of. I was on a plane Monday night after work and landed in Kauai about 20 minutes later (the best flight i have EVER been on haha). My parents were waiting for me at the airport and we headed back to Princeville on the North Shore. We got back to the resort and my parents gave me a tour then we were all sound asleep.
Tuesday morning we decided to go on a hike i think it was the kalalau trail. it was an 11 mile hike to a waterfall. We made it about half way. My dad was so funny as soon as it would start raining he would hide under a tree and wait for it to let up. I told him if we wait we're going to end up getting to an open area and it will pour...sure enough it let up enough for my dad to start hiking, we get to a completely open area and it POURED we were soaked!!

We went to a small town (every town in Kauai is small) Hanalei, we had lunch, shave ice and just browsed a few shops.

We went back to our room and sat by the pool and played cards
Wednesday morning mom woke me up EARLY to do her hair. We headed to kapaa for our kayak tour. We kayaked up the wailua river about 2.5 miles did a little hike and stopped at 'secret falls' a waterfall that is only accessible by water.we hung out hiked back that kayed back. Everyone said the kayak back would be easier...we didnt even think about the fact that we were heading back to the ocean, where all the wind is coming from...we had no help! but it was fun

We stayed in kapaa a little bit longer then mom and dad took me back to the airport and i headed back to Oahu.
Here are some pictures in no particular order haha

Those are the only pictures you get haha I'm too lazy to do more, go to my facebook to see them all!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long time coming

This post has been a long time coming...or rather it's just been a long time since ive posted anything.

I don't even know what we've been up to lately, it's hard to keep track when you work all the time and there are many times your husband travels to the outer islands for work.

SInce I last posted we have definitly done a few things...

In June Bryces Best friend was married! we made the trip to California, spent a few days with my family, went to the Newport temple for the sealing and spent a few days with his family. We went to a water park and it had been so long since I had last been to hurrican harbor i forgot how much fun water parks actually are.

I got to meet Robynne and Benj's baby Parker...aka my 3rd nephew haha and I got to see my Chawna Poo who got home from her mission in April, it wasa tres homies reunion after not being together for almost 3 years!

After our trip to California Bryces grandparents came to Hawaii for a visit and baby Kenzie's blessing. Half way through their trip Bryce's mom and little brother Seth came to visit and they left about a week and a half ago, they were here for 3 weeks!!!

I am now in the salon at work and it's fantastic. I am in the process of my facial training! yay!!!

And I have a new cupcake hobby...I'll have to copy the pictures fro Bryce's facebook to post but for now I'm over this..

Peace out