Thursday, April 23, 2009

the good and the bad

So living in Hawaii has been good most days. I'm a girl I still have hard days. but when the weather is nice I think every day will be easier as lng as I get to enjoy it every once in a while. So far it has been too rainy for anybody's own good and the beach shouldn't be gross. I need heat (rain please please go away and dont come back for a long time)

Work has been just that, work. lots of new hiring and training and the only hard part about training now is have the new girl ask "are you 19 too?" 2 days after turning 23...

but here's one big positive about hawaii...i get to be with this cute boy everday

I don't know how happy he'll be after seeing I posted this picture haha

Some day the weather will be like this again...with even fewer clouds
But the mainland does have some positives that I miss as well...including (but not limited to)

my family

this kids cute face

Big city's and Big travels

(i don't kow if this is possible but sometimes I feel kind of homesick for New York and

yet I've never been able to call it home)

These girls.

am I allowed to tell them to stop growing? because they need to...Ryan shouldn't

even be walking or talking yet and here she is on a bike ;)

And this girl...

this is Peyton my newest niece. She was born in November and I haven't even met her yet

And I don't know why all of a sudden the spacing changed but it's really bothering me haha. BUT anyway enough reminiscing I have a wedding to plan, a room to clean, and a body to bathe!

Until the next a-word this is what you're getting and I'll make sure to take some fun Hawaii pictures when I have the time and the weather is nice again