Thursday, June 11, 2009

dorky much?

so from standing at work all the time now my knees and calves have started hurting. and i decided its due to my support what so ever. and I swore up and down that i would never ever own a pair of crocs, but my sister in law swears by them and now im kind of tempted...especially these ones

I've seen them in person and they look nothing like crocs, and i wore them for about 30 seconds and they seem to be pretty comfy...but i dont know if i can bring myself to spend 5o bucks on shoes now a days. i just may have to break down though i think theyre way cute and i just wont tell anyone theyre crocs, and if they are amazing like courtney says i will be faithful to the crocs.

Monday, June 1, 2009


So this is a very exciting post haha

So last week, on May 23 I get a call at work from my bryce and he asked me what the chances were that I would be able to get off work next friday. I tell him the odds are good and then he asks me to get off early on the wednesday prob bob. I ask him why and he told me he couldn't tell because it was a surprise. SURPRISE? i love surpriises now haha.

So I have my days off and Wednesday comes around and I leave work at 4 instead of 6 and I meet Bryce at work and we head to Waikiki and start walking arounf the international marketplace and Bryce was acting a little peculiar but I ignored it...then I get a text and after a minute I found my surprise...

YAY!! my parents came to see me!! they had been planning it with bryce for a while I guess. Aren't my parents and fiance amazing!!! I love them mucho (more pictures from the trip will come later but they are on the madres camera.) So it was a very fun few days. On thuursday we drove from waikiki to the north shore and I showed my parents a few cool little places. Friday we hung out in town and just was lazy basically. and saturday after work we went to the polynesian cultural center for the night show and a few shows in the little villages!

so it was a fun time and I love Bryce and my parents very much and i was so happy to see them. Now we need to get ready for bryces mom, she gets here tomorrow night