Monday, December 29, 2008

graduating and christmas

I think it's time for me to update you would think I would have a lot to update you on but I don't think I can think of much let me think.

I graduated (I don't remember if I wrote this but I'm thinking I haven't) I am done with PMTS I still need to test and do all the onther 'fun' things but i am totally done with all of it! we had a cute little graduation ceremony and Bryce's parents sister and little brother came to the graduation and we went to dinner afterwards. I stayed with them for a few days before and the night after graduation and I came to what I thought was going to be sunny california but it has ended up being rainy and cold and cloudy and in some parts snowy, i was thankful my parents had moved to valencia and i didn't have to deal with snow :) !!

Bryce came to california for christmas and i was very happy!! His mom and brothers came down the weekend he was here and we spent the weekend with them and hung out and went to LA and I saw some of chino. Bryce and i kind of just hung out aound the house mot days and did shopping and went out to eat most days. (I'm sorry I didn't have anything fun planned biance). We went to Chino again the weekend after Christmas and spent time with some of Bryce's friends and I got a more in depth tour of where bryce grew up :)
I took bryce to the airport last night and it was sad, but I will be there sooner than I know. The next time I see him will most likely be when I move to Hawaii YAY!!!

but anyway here are a few cute pictures that my mom took fo us yesterday before bryce left...