Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here are some updates!

We have just over three months until we get married and we're finally just now realizing it! we need to get on top of things pronto!

And for those of you on facebook I'm sure you saw stuff about Bryce being in the hospital or ER but have no fear, he is out and doing fairly well...heres the story

On Wednesday night we were all hanging out in his backyard, and his uncle has built a mini half pipe in the back yard for many to enjoy. So, we were all hanging out and Bryce was skating. He went to do a trick and fell, and started yelling that there was something wrong with his ankle. Our friend Matt and Aunt Kelly ran over and were both like 'yeah I don't think that's supposed to be like that'. he had a huge lump coming out of his ankle and his foot was in a really wierd position. We made some calls and Uncle Drew and Jay got him in the back of the truck, I climbed in and Drew took us up to the ER in Kahuku.

We got to the Kahuku ER at about 8:30PM and the nurse was trying to give him some pain meds and was REALLY bad at getting the needle in (she was a jerk). they got some meds in him and took him in for an x-ray. This whole time we just thought it was going to be dislocated, they'd pop it back inand we'd beon our way. But boy, were we wrong. They got the x-rays back and the nurse came over and said he was going to need surgery. I got to go look at the x-rays and he broke his leg, but at the very end of it, basically his ankle. He broke both big bones completely and the parts broken off werent even close to being in the right position. SO Kahuku calls Kaiser ans Kaiser sent an ambulance to pick him up. at 11:30 AMR gets to Kahuku and puts him in the ambulnace and takes him to Kaiser in Moanalua, and hour away.

Once in the Kaiser ER they had him on major pain meds and they took more x-rays. The Dr decided it would be better for bryce if they popped his foot back to where it should be, they drugged him up put it back and he felt a lot better. at 4AM they moved him upstairs to a different room, where he slept those last 2 hours.

the surgeon came inat 6 explained the surgery and said he'd be in surgery at 2. They had to put screws and a titanium plate in his leg. and it would take 6-8 months to fully heal.

tthey got him into surgery and 3.5 hours later he was out and doing loads better. On friday he was released and we went home. He didn't sleep well Friday night but he seems to have slept well last night, he's still sleeping! (it's 10) He goes in on Monday for a fiberglass cast and he will be in that and on crutches for atleast 3 months and then in a walking boot for a few more.
(Yes our wedding is in 3.5 months)

We did have one lucky break though. Bryce does a lot of hard labor for work and we had no idea what we were going to do for the next few months with Bryce out of commission...BUT the company that he works for had jjust decided that week to hire someone to work in the office and do data entry, so his uncle told him the job is his! count your blessings right?

ANYWAY that is what is happening! and I'm glad he's doing better and everything is going to work out!