Monday, December 20, 2010

Lets hear it for NEW YORK!!!

Ok, so I have time to update, the chicken noodle soup is simmering and the bread is rising!!

Back around Halloween I went out to New York to visit my favorite little girls!! I got there the day after Alyssa's 10th birthday (TEN YEARS OLD!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER 9 YEARS???)I have a very long 13 hour flight. I got to LA at about 5AM and had about 45 minutes to get on my night flight...I got to Detroit and had about 45 minutes to get to my last flight (yeah super short layovers and it still took 13 hours) I finally arrived in Syracuse New York...almost 24 Hawaiian hours later. oh boy was i exhausted and ready to be off the plane.We drove an hour to the base and we pulled up and Alyssa and Cadie came running out and SURPRISE there I was..they didn't know I was coming!!

I spent a week there hanging out with my favorites and helping Randi and accompanying her to a few doctors appointments. I'm so glad I got to go out there and spend that time with the girls. I miss them SO much

Here's Peyton, she turned 2 the day after I left and this was my first time meeting her. She's super cute like her sisters, but I don't think she liked me haha
I can't get enough of these cute girls in their costumes

Ryan was SUPERGIRL! haha, Randi and I played a game with her...'what do you like more...Kasey or (fill in the blank)' We used other family members names, different things, whatever we could come up with, she chose everything over me...even dog poop HAHA but she really did like me by the time I left. Our game was so funny though in the middle of Wal Mart

See how big lyssa is now? I don't know why she isnt smiling...ill make sure to punch her the next time I see her for that

I took Alyssa and Cadie to the roller rink one day, they were so cute and Cadie was doing tricks haha, she would slowly be moving and bend down to touch her foot and stick her other foot out...I wish I lived a lot closer to these girls! Today they started their move to Texas...a little bit closer, definitely better than a 13 hour flight

Sunday, December 12, 2010

much needed

Apparently Shawna wants me to update...

I have a million things to update about
Spencer and Amanda came to visit
Mine and Bryce's big island trip
My trip to New York
My 3 hours in LA
The Temple rededication
The Cultural Celebration
Christmas coming up


I am on the laptop and I can't upload pictures on the laptop, I have to be on the desktop and the kitchen and the couch are about 15 feet away from each other and tonight that 15 feet is 15 feet too many

So Shawna you will have to continue being patient :) Hopefully soon I will be a good blogger...until then, find someone else to stalk haha (love ya Chawna)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a thought for thunking

When you hear these things what do you think?

Guess What?!
I have something to tell you
I'm tired
Hey, I meant to call you the other day to tell you something
call me we need to talk

What is the first thing that comes to your mind??

For some reason lately whenever I say any of these to people (even if there's an explanation before said statement) their response is "ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?"

I am not, and when I am I don't think I'll say "I've never slept very well at night, I'm really tired today" and i won't say "guess what"

sorry just had to get that out

I am not pregnant

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Garden Island

I thought this was good enough for blogging!!

My parents were coming to Hawaii for their anniversary/vacation...sadly they didn't come to O'ahu...but goodly (i made that up) they went to Kauai and I had never been! It was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of. I was on a plane Monday night after work and landed in Kauai about 20 minutes later (the best flight i have EVER been on haha). My parents were waiting for me at the airport and we headed back to Princeville on the North Shore. We got back to the resort and my parents gave me a tour then we were all sound asleep.
Tuesday morning we decided to go on a hike i think it was the kalalau trail. it was an 11 mile hike to a waterfall. We made it about half way. My dad was so funny as soon as it would start raining he would hide under a tree and wait for it to let up. I told him if we wait we're going to end up getting to an open area and it will pour...sure enough it let up enough for my dad to start hiking, we get to a completely open area and it POURED we were soaked!!

We went to a small town (every town in Kauai is small) Hanalei, we had lunch, shave ice and just browsed a few shops.

We went back to our room and sat by the pool and played cards
Wednesday morning mom woke me up EARLY to do her hair. We headed to kapaa for our kayak tour. We kayaked up the wailua river about 2.5 miles did a little hike and stopped at 'secret falls' a waterfall that is only accessible by water.we hung out hiked back that kayed back. Everyone said the kayak back would be easier...we didnt even think about the fact that we were heading back to the ocean, where all the wind is coming from...we had no help! but it was fun

We stayed in kapaa a little bit longer then mom and dad took me back to the airport and i headed back to Oahu.
Here are some pictures in no particular order haha

Those are the only pictures you get haha I'm too lazy to do more, go to my facebook to see them all!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long time coming

This post has been a long time coming...or rather it's just been a long time since ive posted anything.

I don't even know what we've been up to lately, it's hard to keep track when you work all the time and there are many times your husband travels to the outer islands for work.

SInce I last posted we have definitly done a few things...

In June Bryces Best friend was married! we made the trip to California, spent a few days with my family, went to the Newport temple for the sealing and spent a few days with his family. We went to a water park and it had been so long since I had last been to hurrican harbor i forgot how much fun water parks actually are.

I got to meet Robynne and Benj's baby Parker...aka my 3rd nephew haha and I got to see my Chawna Poo who got home from her mission in April, it wasa tres homies reunion after not being together for almost 3 years!

After our trip to California Bryces grandparents came to Hawaii for a visit and baby Kenzie's blessing. Half way through their trip Bryce's mom and little brother Seth came to visit and they left about a week and a half ago, they were here for 3 weeks!!!

I am now in the salon at work and it's fantastic. I am in the process of my facial training! yay!!!

And I have a new cupcake hobby...I'll have to copy the pictures fro Bryce's facebook to post but for now I'm over this..

Peace out

Monday, June 7, 2010

one whole hand

aahhh these kids NEED to stop growing

Today this girl turned 5!!
Cadie you are one whole hand old!
can you please stop it at that? we don't want to use two hands

You're the best cadie cat i know!!

Have a spectacular birthday and pretend I'm there to give you a billion kisses

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sounds like magic

Bryce said the magic words Saturday while he was watching some engadget tech show...

"WHEN we go to New York..."

There was more to that statement, but that was the only part that mattered..up until Saturday the only thing he said about N.Y. was

"I'm not going to New York, it can be a girl thing"

We've made excellent progress

Friday, May 21, 2010

my favorite 4 year old

i can't play he's my favorite 4 year old boy! cadie is still 4 for another 18 days

today this cute kid turned 4

I have the world's best nephew (and cutest)! and don't try to argue that

Happy Birthday Jacob! YOU'RE HUGE!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

pink is my favorite color

If I had a choice I would be my favorite color all the time

I enjoyed the sunshine today and I am a little bit pink...but definitely not red...I am the perfect shade of pink. after being such a whitey growing up I would turn fire engine red...sometimes a little pink feels good!!

The job is still going spectacular
I will have to take a pic of Randi's bday present when I get the last picture from her because I think it's way cool
I was given a project at work today and it took about 10 times longer than it should have but I love doing little projects
I did pilates today

It was a good day

Work ($$)
Pilates (wierd)

But it was a good tuesday

and i am excited for my 'day off' tomorrow (its my day off but i have to go in for 3 hours still...I don't understand how that works!!)

Good night moon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

birthday babble

i have to be up at 5:30 am and its 10:30 pm and I am no longer a night owl/have i ever been a morning person...but as I sit here with my eyes ready to close i felt the desire to blog

But i dont really have anything to blog about.

I made my moms mothers day present today as well as randis birthday present (her birthday was the 21st of april) the siblings really slack on birthday presents sometimes...sometimes ill give spencer his bday present for christmas and his christmas present for his birthday. It would work, except for the fact that we're like little kids and we tell each other what we're buying for each other, so when it comes for the next holiday it was actually for the last...

or i'm on top of things and buy gifts and give them to my sibling months before as a 'just because' but then 5 minutes later i tell them it's their birthday present so don't expect anything for your birthday...i love my family!

I did get a head start on Jacobs birthday present though...his birthday is in a week...but i need to get started on AJ's his birthday is in -1 day...aka 364 days...aka i didnt get him anything yet. its so much easier when you live close by...especially when your siblings have give them a gc for a restaurant and you babysit the rugrat for the night...two pluses...they get to go out and you get to play with your amazingly awesome nephew and give him as much candy as his little heart desires and snuggle until he can't keep his eyes open anymore.

ANYWAY hopefully one day I will be better at getting gifts on time to people.

until them AJ happy'll have your birthday present for father's day

and spencer ill get started tomorrow so that it'll only be a month late instead of 5

oui and i have in laws that i need to prepare for this week...too many freakin birthdays

I vote we only celebrate my birthday and birthdays for people under 12...we have something in common...we don't care what our pesent is as long as we get to rip wrapping paper and eat cake and ice cream!

tata until i have something interesting to share with you

Monday, May 3, 2010

visitors visiting

3 days after my birthday Spencer came to visit (see how busy I've been...birthdays, new job, visitors, etc) He's been to Hawaii before but in the Waikiki area, so he requested to see the real Hawaii...which is good since that is where we live bahaha

I had to work full time still when he was here so i didn't get to do too much fun stuff with him...but we did go to kokua festival (I think 2008 was better) it was fun to hang out and see jack johnson for the second time...he was so chill, he got to perform at home so he was a lot more relaxed and just cruise about the whole performance which was kind of cool but at the same time it felt like he wasn't giving it 100%...but whatev's

Spencer and Bryce spent a few days at the beach getting horrible sunburns.

I took him to the hukilau cafe and uncle Bobo's. We went to Haleiwa and watched people trying to 'SUP' (stand up paddle). We went to Leilei's and Ala Moana Shopping Center. We got asked by a few people if we were honeymooning...?...and they visited me at work. While he was here Bryce's aunt had her baby so Bryce and I took turns watching the boys while trying to keep Spencer busy his last day here...all in all it was a nice vacation for him and he's spreading a rumor that he's going to come back in July.

We went to Waimea valley and walked around...this is the closest he would get to the peacock...i got closer muahahaha

and here we are at the kokua festival!! he had gotten here the day before and was still on a wierd time schedule so he was as tired as he looked!!

Thanks for coming to visit Spence! I'll see you in June and possibly July!!

the birthday of randi roo

I just have to do a 'shout out' for my sister. her birthday is 2 days after mine...we are almost exactly 5 years apart...except somehow i turned 24 this year and she turned 22 starting to get really confused!

since our birthdays were only 2 days apart my family always had one birthday celebration...when we were little we'd go to my grandparents for easter and the aunts, uncles, and cousins would be there and with all of our easter celebrations we would also have a little birthday celebration as well.
As we go older it would just be our family going out to eat or having a little celebration. and it seems that every time we had our 'big birthdays' it was always the same year...i turned 13 she turned 18...i turned 16 she turned get the idea.

As well as sharing a cake and dinner, the last few years we were all together, there was usually a present for each of us that had to be opened at the same time...usually we'd end up opening our boxes and and pulling out the same usc shirt, jersey, hat, or something dodgers and then we'd get a day with dad at a usc baseball game or dodger event! that was one of my favorite things growing up...knowing I'd get a fun day with randi and my dad!

Growing up I always felt bad that she had to share her birthday with her little sister...but now that we dont get to do that I miss it so much! I cant wait for the day to celebrate both of our birthdays together again!

I love you Randi Roo

my birfday

aahhh i have been so busy i have so much to update on!!!

We'll start with April birthdays...

my birthday was april 19, and for the first time ever i didn't get to ditch work/school and had to be an adult and my wonderful husband made sure to make it a very happy birthday!!

the saturday before we got up and went to mac 24/7, where they did an episode of man vs of course i had to order the same thing and get the gigantic pancakes
i think they were 14 inches big! i ate and ate and ate and bryce ate and we barely even touched those pancakes but mmm they were so good! they were blueberry pancakes (just like man vs food duh) and they had a glaze an icing mmm i love all things sugary and sweet!!

then he took me to sea life park and i got to swim with a dolphin!!! this is something that i have always wanted to do and i got to do it. I have a picture of me kissing the wolphin (part whale part dolphin) but i haven't scanned it yet...maybe someday. and i got to ride on the dolphins belly! yeah boi! i was so excited!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

new job new day

i officially started my new job yesterday (yes the only downfall, i may have to work sundays) BUT so far I love it! the people are very friendly and it's so nice having a job that people actually want to be at!

I am a spa concierge at Spa Luana at Turtle Bay I am basically the receptionist and they're also training me to be a spa attendant which does all the stuff in the back PLUS since I am a licensed cosmetologist I am licensed to do hair skin and nails...therefore even though I wasn't hired as a stylist I will also be trained on the color line, nail services, skin and body treatments! This will be such a good thing for me in the long run! I won't even have to go back to school to learn these things, I will be getting paid to learn them! I'm so excited.

Turtle Bay offers AMAZING benefits to, vision, dental, life insurance (All absolutely free) discounts at the resort and other benchmark hospitality properties all over the world!! yipee!!!

it's only 10 minutes from home (instead of 45...makes a HUGE difference)

That is my very exciting news...Also Spencer comes in 9 days...we're going to see jack johnson in 10 days...oh yeah and my birthday is in 7 days! woohoo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wednesday wednesday!!


This is the most exciting thing a Wednesday could ever offer!!
My BFF got home from her mission today!

She has been in Peru for the last 18 months, and today at 1pm-ish she got back to california...the only bad thing about it...I'm in Hawaii and the other BFF is due to have a baby tomorrow so neither of us could be there :(

But in June we will be reunited for the first time in almost 3 years!! (after robynne was married i was immature and was mad at her for about a year and a half...until shawna left for her mission and shawnas wish was for me and robynne to thats what we did!)

I know these pictures are small but i was too lazy to do the whole hard drive thing, so i stole them from my facebook and that's how they turned out!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i talked to my cute nephew jacob today...for the first time in a year sad but so exciting!

I can't believe how cute he is and how much he has grown.

I asked him what he did at school today

his response "i colored a picture, i did good"
k: 'i bet you did good'
j: 'yeah i know!'


the rest of the conversation was me asking questions and him saying yeah...except when he told me he has a lot of presents at home haha

i cant wait to give this kid kisses again!

Friday, March 5, 2010

a random thought about my gpa

I had this other random family thought last night that I told Bryce for the first time and realized how cool it sounded

My grandpa (my mom's dad/ grammie's husband) he passed away in 1994. I believe he was an engineer that designed planes...atleast that's what I remember my mom telling me. He was born in 1914...the only reason i know that is because I remember asking my mom if the Titanic sinking was still a big deal when Grandpa was born...ANYWAY

my grandpa...everett earl endicott (E3) was born and kind of raised in Illinois...when he was 14 he ran away from home and made his way to california.

On his way he met Bonnie and Clyde the infamous bank robbers!!

and i think my mom said he stayed with gypsies and learned how to read palms...

i think thats pretty rad...not many people can say they've done those things...I can't, BUT my grandpa can!

interesting facts

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

long bragging post (may be boring)

another ive been kind of bored lately haha

this is a brag post

bragging about my family

I dont have a picture :( but my grammie is absolutely amazing
i love her lots...shes 90 years young in april
she introduced me to
chitty chitty bang bang
the dark crystal
(the original) shaggy dog (i refuse to watch the newer one)
mixing soda and orange juice
calling people stinkers (i use to call alyssa a little stinker)
basically she taught me some good things!
im sad i dont get to ditch high school and hang out with her anymore

Grandma and Grandpa:
Both are back with Heavenly Father
and I'm sure loving every minute of it
Grandma introduced me to
and cookie dough
Grandpa showed me
that guys do sing
and they are amazing for fostering children
and adopting my awesome pops
because of them I AM going to adopt one day

my mom:
she introduced me to life
laughing at myself
forgiving myself
and others
she is my bff
because of her i am everything that i am today

my dad:
makes me laugh more than anyone!
he intorduced me to:
the beatles
the dodgers
is there much more to life? haha
we're almost like 2 peas in a pod
except we're not
he works harder than any man i know
and he loves more than he can ever express
he makes me smile big every time i see him

gave me my nieces and thats what i love her most for haha kidding
but seriously i love my girls
she introduced me to curling irons
shed paint my nails and comb the back of my hair
i can call her and talk for hours
i wouldnt have asked for a different sister

gave me my boys haha...NEPHEWS!!
he was very secretly protective
he gave me another sister (i love you too courtney)
when i lived in utah i could stay at his house whenever i was homesick
(almost every weekend for a while)

for years everyone thought he was older than me
he liked pretending to fill in that role
he would do anything for me
as i would do anything for him
we fight constantly
but besides my mom he is my other bff

my nieces
alyssa is my sunshine
I loved that i got to go with randi for her first day of kindergarten
and blonde her up more to be tinkerbell
and be such a huge part in her life

is crazy and has more personality than anyone EVER
she makes me laugh as hard as lyssa and dad

is too pretty for her own good haha
i dont know her very well :(
but she has started talking to me on the phone
and she also melts my heart

is so fat! i love it and cant wait to smother her in kisses


is my buddy
he loves me as much as i love him
and loves candy as much as i do!

I have yet to meet :(
but supposedly he is way mellow...
opposite of his brother

and the husband
Takes care of me
feeds me ice cream
lets me do things that may be crazy
loves me everyday and tells me
spoils me
He knows how important the rest of my family is
and he'll let me talk about them
and brag about them
and miss them
as much as i need

I have the best family EVER!

march madness

WOWZA's march is already here! this is crazy!

you'll never believe what happened this past saturday...february 27. we had a TSUNAMI warning! warning is worse than watch...warning means its coming. our neighbor came to the door at 2:30 in the AM pounding and calling my name. I got up and she just says 'did you get the warning? turn on your tv, there's a tsunami warning' and then she was gone. We got online did some searching and sure enough...there was a tsunami on its way. We packed up our valuables and headed out at 5:30 AM on our way to Aiea where Bryce's warehouse is. on our drive the sirens went off at 6 AM and those buggers are loud!! We got to the warehouse and waited

and waited

and waited

and waited

at 11:19 when the tsunami was expected to reach oahu nothing had happened. We were watching the news and there was a little bit of action in Hilo and then it was over...boring!!

We got the clear to go home at 1:30. we left, got home, unpacked and i slept!

that was the 2010 tsunami that i survived!

that day was our friend matt's birthday (lucky duck got a freakin tsunami for his birthday) and we went to their house to have a little celebration. I made a donut cake...they dont like cake but love donuts...and i know how to make donuts so that was my job!

When I was little my mom use to make us donuts on saturday mornings. we take the canned biscuits, cut them, shape them, whatever them and fry them...then you cover them in sugar, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and the other day i glazed them! i love these donuts im glad my mom is smart!

Friday, February 26, 2010

bucket list

im starting a bucket list...heres the beginning...ill continue more later

these are things that i have done already or wish to do in the future

1. travel to europe
(x) 2. see a broadway show
(x) 3. swim with dolphins
4. travel to asia
5. go to alaska
6. take a picture on abbey the beatles
7. make a difference
8. go on a cruise
9. donate blood
10. milk a cow
11. husk a coconut
12. sky dive
13. learn to knit or crochet
14. travel to all 50 states
15. adopt
16. be in one room with my entire family at once
17. do temple work for my moms family
18. have a garden with edible vegetables :)

so far its kind of short and lame haha...ill keep thinking and continue it...i really want to make this list phenomenal


happy aloha friday

i spent mine making
donut holes
chicken stew

i cleaned the house
stuck my toes in the sandenjoyed the sun (before amy jinxed it)
and waited for my husband to get home

how was your aloha friday?
i hope it was spectacular...for now it is the weekend!

this isn't my picture
but it's where i enjoy my beach time

and i thought i'd share it with you

Sunday, February 21, 2010

its raining...

it's pouring..bryce is-a snoring

it's always random when bryce takes a nap...but oh so good for him! naps would be my best friend if it was allowed...naps and ice cream
so while the husband is taking his rainy sunday nap and i hold off on the musical that is much needed on a rainy day i decided to share a blog

you should blog stalk our friends amy and matt amy's a lot better at taking pictures than me...she took pictures of the kokua beach clean up the two of us went to a week was a fabulous over cast saturday that i actually got to spend outside and not stuck inside the mall!! yay

after we cleaned up and turned in our rubbish we checked out almost won some prizes and got our code for early kokua festival tickets is was indeed spectacular
the mister and i got our tickets..and a few for this studly brother of mine

yup thats right spencer is coming for a visit!! yay!! family is great and i miss mine like crazy everyday!! so im totally stoked that my big younger brother is coming for a visit and some play time. and for the amazing festival too! (bryce took me two years ago for my bday and its oober fun!) last bit of exciting news!

i finally have a calling at church (weve been in the ward for 4 months now and since day 1 they kept telling us they were getting callings for us, but instead i sat in relief society where they asked me after being in the ward for 3 months if i was a visitor...hmm)
but it loks like im going back to camp! i am now an assistant yw ward camp director! sounds pretty exciting to me and they have invited me to go to yw every week which is probably the most exciting part for me! haha

anyway everyone have a fantastic sunday, and if you have sunshine this week enjoy it for me...i fear rain all

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the mister's away

the mr is away so i get to 'play'
aka finish my dads bday present, clean, and well as other things

so im here to post about our vday celebration...which happened on february 13 (probably like a lot of other people did.) But we went to a fun concert with our friends erika dick and travis (i cant say erikas name without her last just goes...erika dick)

so...we went to the beach boys! yay

Remember that episode of full house when dj tried to win tickets to the beach boys but somehow they all got to go back stage and i think the beach boys even went to the tanner house (i dont remember how this happened) but, i was completely obsessed with full house so i was glad to remember this...

ANYWAY...we got to the blaisdell which was definitely not sold out but still kind of full. the opener was a comedian who i didnt find amusing...boring...then they came out...and they had a special guest with them...

thats right the one and only uncle jesse! have mercy! they came out and got about 2 songs in to the show and i turn to erika dick and say 'is that john stamos? haha bye bye birdie is over and i know he does stuff with the beach boys' then they finished their song and the lead singer says 'we have a special guest with us tonight, john stamos, he just finished bye bye birdie on broadway and is coming to hang out with us for a while.'

Oh man poor bryce was probably so tired of me talking about how cute he is haha.

they even sang that song 'forever' that was by jesse and the rippers (the rippers = the beach boys) i think bryce was surprised i knew the song and the story behind know the wedding and then the music video when uncle jesse and aunt becky had the twins...i made him watch the video when we got to the car and i teared up a little bit kind of like i did when i was 9

needless to say it was a fun night and the beach boys are hilarious and made me laugh more than the comedian. if theyre in town buy your tickets (and hope that your childhood crush is there playing with them)

Friday, February 12, 2010

#2 in the same amazed!

my mom knows me too well...yesterday i got a little yellow card in the mail saying i had a package waiting for me at the post office...i already knew i was a valentines package (yes i am married and my mom still sends me a valentines package...and she does the same for my older brother and sister too)

well lo and behold i open the package to find these guys right on top!

she just knew the two bags that i bought for myself just weren't enough...ok 3 bags and a few of the little boxes...


with v-day soon to be wrapping up that means easter is soon to follow...meaning a box from mom full of peeps, atleast one bag of all black jelly beans and a bag of normal jelly beans...without a doubt i know its coming!

that is one good thing about christmas being over...after the good christmas candy is gone the valentines candy comes then the easter candy then its summer and time for more ice cream than any single person can handle!!

new post

lets see lets see lets see...what has been happening...

i love my husband...

valentines day is sunday and we decided to spend less than 20 dollars for gifts...

saturday were doing the kokua beach clean up...

then were going to the beach boys... its a beach day

ive been really crafty lately...well atleast trying. but i guess hawaii isnt very crafty, the closest craft store is an hour away...and i want decoupage glue is that really too difficult to ask?

my hours have been cut at work that makes things a little tricky...but we pay our tithing we are good!!

courtney had a baby!! Jordan Cash was born on February 9 at 8:16pm and was 5.78 pounds and 18 so excited to have another nephew...and if hes even half as cute as jacob hes going to be a heart breaker as well!

I love being an aunt

I love being a wife

I love being a daughter

I love being a sister


spencer might come in april for a visit and for the kokua keeping my fingers crossed..

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE...this is very important...

almost immediately after i finished this post i had a call from my most amazing husband and the conversation goes as follows

b: What kind of glue did you need?
k: decoupage glue...are you at a craft store getting some for me?
b: i may or may not be at a craft store
k: yay! thanks so much you are the best husband ever!

I have been wanting to finish my project for 2 days now and elmers glue just does not work :)

I really do have the best husband of all time

Monday, January 18, 2010

update #2...feeling accomplished

Blog #2 off the list...yay me!!

This blog is about my fabulous mele kalikimaka...i had that song stuck in my head for probably 2 weeks...and now that i type that we'll add 2 more days to that.

Our first married christmas was good! bryce woke me up at 3 keep my family's tradition! we got up opened stockings and then opened our presents yay...i was so excited that santa came

that morning we went to Bryce's aunt and uncles house for breakfast crepes, played some games and had a few laughs. We went to the turtle bay buffet for dinner then went home and slept haha

Bryce got me cute aprons, one for cooking and one for hair. some other baking stuff and...this bike

it has a basket on it now and it was also from my mom dad and spencer. we go on bike rides every day i love my cute white and BRIGHT blue bike!!
Bryce got some new t-shirts, that are sold in town and since i dont go to town by myself i made some shirts out of construction paper and put them in a shirt box and wrapped them. when he opened them he freaked out a little bit...he thought i was telling him i was pregnant...which i AM NOT!!!
Then he got the new tony hawk ride game and a bbq grill
over all it was a very nice first married christmas and we are both very excited for christmas 2010...if all goes as planned we will be in utah celebrating christmas day with the huggans and new years with the entire white clan...this hasnt happened since ajs wedding in we are definitly keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes as planned

Friday, January 15, 2010

rocket man

I'm knocking one blog update off my list...

On January 6 Bryce and I went to the Blaisdale arena and witnessed live in person the music talents of sir elton john himself...

it was wonderfully fabulous

i dont even know how to begin describing it haha

first ill say when i told my mom she was totally excited for us, she said 'I saw elton john when i was your 1974 (she was younger than i am now) it was amazing you're going to have so much fun'

ok so, we get to the blaisdale and i never knew how tiny this place was...even our 'bad' seats weren't that horrible

this is definitly zoomed in and i dont think its from our actual seats haha...we were further up and closer to the back of the stage

anyway!! we're sitting there waiting and a blaisdale worker is walking around our area and says 'if you guys are interested the risers down there are empty, but the stage is eye level so you'll be looking up all night, but if you want you can go talk to that guy down there and you can sit in the risers' so of course we go for it we figure why not right?

we get to our new seats which are here...

We decided these were the best seats in the place...when Elton John comes out and sits at the piano we will see his face

then we see a large crowd gathering and taking pictures in the front row...after doing some investigating and standing up...the osbornes are there...ozzy sharon kelly and jack all there at the tiny arena in hawaii...wierd

SO 8 rolls around when 'ej' is supposed to start and of course he needs to be fashionably 8:30 comes and he decides it's a good time to come out to entertain

OH MAN!!! can I just say...this man is 62 years old and rocks out harder than most other people ive ever seen. He played by himself, just him and his piano for 2 hours...with breaks in between songs to grab a sip of water then introduce the next song there was none of that whole conversing with the crowd stuff.

For the last hour his drummer and keyboardist ray cooper joined him on stage. he's good...but kind of annoying...anyway

Elton John played for 3 whole hours and definitly did not disappoint. He played everything we wanted to hear minus bennie and the jets...which Bryce said may be because he probably cant reach those notes anymore.

end of story Elton John is amazing live and if you ever have the opportunity to see him, buy the cheapest tickets they have and you will still leave a very happy person!

I called my mom the next day to tell her how much fun it was and she got a little sad, she had a package waiting to be sent to me with the program for the concert she went to in 1974, now i need to find one from this concert so they can be friends!!!

updates to follow soon..hopefully

I have lots of stuff to post about...

Elton John
daily comings and goings
Speaking at church
wedding pictures!

all other good Hawaii life stuff

but i am in the middle of a very big laundry/cleaning day

until then please look at this blog and keep this family in your thoughts and prayers

they are a family in our ward and they are the most amazing family I have EVER met! they are always happy and have the strongest testimonies I have ever witnessed. There is a lot that I wish I could do for this family right now, but I feel like all i can do is spread the word about their amazingness and hope that this doesn't happen to another family.

They've had so much love and support from people all over the world (literally) and that is what is helping them get through the day.

People from Israel, Germany, Australia, and many other places have called, emailed, sent letters, anything they can do. People have been praying for them all night, and they've received letter from people that have said 'I didn't believe in God, until I read your blog, now I know'

If you're ever questioning anything please remember this family and their very strong testimonies!!!