Friday, January 15, 2010

rocket man

I'm knocking one blog update off my list...

On January 6 Bryce and I went to the Blaisdale arena and witnessed live in person the music talents of sir elton john himself...

it was wonderfully fabulous

i dont even know how to begin describing it haha

first ill say when i told my mom she was totally excited for us, she said 'I saw elton john when i was your 1974 (she was younger than i am now) it was amazing you're going to have so much fun'

ok so, we get to the blaisdale and i never knew how tiny this place was...even our 'bad' seats weren't that horrible

this is definitly zoomed in and i dont think its from our actual seats haha...we were further up and closer to the back of the stage

anyway!! we're sitting there waiting and a blaisdale worker is walking around our area and says 'if you guys are interested the risers down there are empty, but the stage is eye level so you'll be looking up all night, but if you want you can go talk to that guy down there and you can sit in the risers' so of course we go for it we figure why not right?

we get to our new seats which are here...

We decided these were the best seats in the place...when Elton John comes out and sits at the piano we will see his face

then we see a large crowd gathering and taking pictures in the front row...after doing some investigating and standing up...the osbornes are there...ozzy sharon kelly and jack all there at the tiny arena in hawaii...wierd

SO 8 rolls around when 'ej' is supposed to start and of course he needs to be fashionably 8:30 comes and he decides it's a good time to come out to entertain

OH MAN!!! can I just say...this man is 62 years old and rocks out harder than most other people ive ever seen. He played by himself, just him and his piano for 2 hours...with breaks in between songs to grab a sip of water then introduce the next song there was none of that whole conversing with the crowd stuff.

For the last hour his drummer and keyboardist ray cooper joined him on stage. he's good...but kind of annoying...anyway

Elton John played for 3 whole hours and definitly did not disappoint. He played everything we wanted to hear minus bennie and the jets...which Bryce said may be because he probably cant reach those notes anymore.

end of story Elton John is amazing live and if you ever have the opportunity to see him, buy the cheapest tickets they have and you will still leave a very happy person!

I called my mom the next day to tell her how much fun it was and she got a little sad, she had a package waiting to be sent to me with the program for the concert she went to in 1974, now i need to find one from this concert so they can be friends!!!

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yay! blogging!
haha i love it! i'm glad you guys had fun!