Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the mister's away

the mr is away so i get to 'play'
aka finish my dads bday present, clean, and blog...as well as other things

so im here to post about our vday celebration...which happened on february 13 (probably like a lot of other people did.) But we went to a fun concert with our friends erika dick and travis (i cant say erikas name without her last name...it just goes...erika dick)

so...we went to the beach boys! yay

Remember that episode of full house when dj tried to win tickets to the beach boys but somehow they all got to go back stage and i think the beach boys even went to the tanner house (i dont remember how this happened) but, i was completely obsessed with full house so i was glad to remember this...

ANYWAY...we got to the blaisdell which was definitely not sold out but still kind of full. the opener was a comedian who i didnt find amusing...boring...then they came out...and they had a special guest with them...

thats right the one and only uncle jesse! have mercy! they came out and got about 2 songs in to the show and i turn to erika dick and say 'is that john stamos? haha bye bye birdie is over and i know he does stuff with the beach boys' then they finished their song and the lead singer says 'we have a special guest with us tonight, john stamos, he just finished bye bye birdie on broadway and is coming to hang out with us for a while.'

Oh man poor bryce was probably so tired of me talking about how cute he is haha.

they even sang that song 'forever' that was by jesse and the rippers (the rippers = the beach boys) i think bryce was surprised i knew the song and the story behind it...you know the wedding and then the music video when uncle jesse and aunt becky had the twins...i made him watch the video when we got to the car and i teared up a little bit kind of like i did when i was 9

needless to say it was a fun night and the beach boys are hilarious and made me laugh more than the comedian. if theyre in town buy your tickets (and hope that your childhood crush is there playing with them)


kkrich said...

that sounds simply amazing. you are too funny.

Benjamin and Robynne Bladh! said...

okokok i totally know EXACTLY what you are talking about! I didnt watch the show often when it was actually airing but all through highschool i watched it on the family channel after school and i KNOW what youre talking about. i would have freaked out just to see the beach boys in concert but with a hotty on the side too?! hahah love YOU