Friday, April 15, 2011

im not maing a habit of this

i try really hard to make it a goal not to complain...i know that no matter what my circumstances are someone else is suffering worse than i am and i have no reason to complain.

but sometimes you just have to let it all out...

i am tired of hawaii no matter how many times you deep clean everyone always has bugs...cockroaches, roaches, beetles, ants, mosquitos etc etc etc. i am so tired of it. ugh somedays i come home and want to scream then cry i get so frustrated because they will not go away.

ever since we got back from the mainland the hot water in the kitchen is way off. it will be nice and hot one minute then we dont have any hot water at all. then the next time we use the sink we have hot water for about 2 seconds then its gone

our oven has been being wierd for a while. it wont cook even. i know this because in the past i made perfectly golden cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. now i get stuff out and the center is dough but theouter edge is crispy. just tonight i made cupcakes the insides were done but no matte what i did the cupcakes in the middle wouldnt get gold and the cupcakes on the outer edge of the pan were turning brown. so i ended up with a bunch of sticky topped cupakes which are pretty dificult to frost with homemade nutella icing (tastes amazing but hard to get the right consistency...that was another temper tantrum ugh)

i want a dishwasher

i am so ready to go see my parents in maui in 2 weeks. im going to need it. and this time my husband gets to island hop with me and we all get to play for 3 days yay


Mandi Snider said...

ummm....I could NOT handle the bug problem! So please complain all you want!!!!! We had roaches in Virginia and I hated then!

And that is super fun to get to visit with your parents! I love when we get family visits!

Shawnanana said...

yay! fun times ahead! I'm sorry bout all the issues with your home. Just remember to count your blessings. Think of everyone who wishes they lived in HI like you!! If it makes you feel better, I don't have a dishwasher either :/ it really stinks. In the junlges of Peru I hated always having bugbites and bugs in my home too. But I was sooo happy to be in the Jungle. You are blessed and I love you!

Bladh Familia said...

boo for bad times- i think its time to MOVE here!! :)

Austin said...

You have a dishwasher, its name is Bryce!! Ba hah ha ha ha

Austin said...

The person signed in as Austin is, me your auntie in law, Jennie.