Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 round up

I'm copying everybody else and posting all of 2010 at once...then I'll be caught up haha

January brought a new year. Bryce and I went to see Elton John, we spoke in church, and we were riding our bikes all over town!!

Our first married Valentine's day :) We saw the Beach Boys and Uncle Jesse, I also went to the Beach with miss AmyNicole and cleaned up, we tried to win tickets to the Kokua festival, but we weren't that lucky. We also survived a Tsunami!! It never really made it to Hawaii but we did have life packed up and we were outta here. and I got a new nephew!

March didn't bring too much excitement. I applied to a new job and was keeping my fingers crossed that i would get it

Happy Birthday to me haha. April was exciting. We celebrated my 24th Birthday, by eating huge pancakes and I swam with dolphins. I got the job at started working at Turtle Bay. Spencer came to visit! We went to the Kokua festival AND one of my BFF's came home from serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Peru.

We celebrated moms. I made my mom a gift and I have to say it was pretty awesome. My favorite oldest nephew also turned 4. and Ryan turned 3...this is insane

We got to go to California for Jay's wedding. I got to hang out with my family. See the Newport temple. Reunite with my other 2/3's TRES HOMIES son!! I met Parker, saw Shawna again. We went to a waterpark with Bryce's family. It was definitely the summer break we needed. Cadie also turned 5 this month, it made me sad haha

Bryce's Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. Bryce's Mom and little brother also came to visit. It was an exciting month! We went to Turtle Bay to watch the fireworks and have a picnic. We have a little birthday celebration for Bryce. and I was officially transferred to the salon at work

My parents came to Hawaii to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary on the Garden Isle and since I have 2 days off of course I crashed on the couch in their hotel! We kayaked up the Wailua River went on a hike, and just got to hang out! The day after my parents got home Randi was diagnosed with lung cancer, they made their way out to New York and we all started the war against cancer

I don't think September is ever an exciting month. School was back in session so the grocery store was crazy, it slowed down a little bit at work and that's the most exciting thing about the ninth month of the year

Spencer and Amanda came out to visit. We tried to spend some time with them, it was hard though they came the week of 10/10/10 one of the busiest wedding days of the year. but it was good seeing them!! Bryce and I celebrated out 1 year anniversary! We went to Kona for a weekend trip! We hung out at some beaches and took a bus tour around the whole island. We saw a volcano and hiked to our secret beach. We ate a lot of frozen yogurt and good food! We went to the Kona temple and did a session! The next weekend I hopped on a 13 hour flight to Syracuse New York. I surprised my nieces and got to be there as a late birthday present for Alyssa, she's a decade old now, weird. I went trick or treating and played games, snuggled and laughed, and made a few trips to the doctors with Randi to help her with her fight

The Laie Hawaii temple was rededicated! Bryce's grandparents came out again, we went to the dedication and later that week we went and did a session. This is probably the prettiest temple I have seen so far. The prophet was staying at the resort, and just knowing he was that close to me really make work enjoyable and everyday was a good day. But Satan was definitely working hard. That week we had more rude comments about members then ever. Thanksgiving we all got to have a family dinner and spend time together. Peyton turned 2 the day after I left New York and the day before Spencer got there.

MELE KALIKIMAKA!! I love this time of year. The Christmas tress and lights. The Holiday music singing about Christ and his love and sacrifice for us being played everywhere you go!! We need to celebrate CHRISTmas more than once a year. Bryce and I woke up early opened our gifts and I went to work. After work we went to LeiLei's for our Christmas dinner. New Years Eve we went downt the street to a block party and watched the ball drop at Bryce's Aunt and Uncle's house (they didn't even show the ball dropping tho...)

Now it is 2011. I don't know what this year will bring but come what may and love it.

I'm hoping for (aka resolutions and other things)

To be healthier and in better shape
my family and friends to be healthy, happy, and safe
Randi to kick cancer's ass
I hope that we as well as you and yours have a WONDERFUL year...after all it started out a lucky year 1/1/11 how much better can it get?

sorry i didn't put any pictures once again I'm too lazy haha

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Shawnanana said...

thanks for the update kc. I enjoyed it. i hope this year is awesome for you too. Maybe Ill get to see you again!!??